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Artist: Elzhi
Album:  Elmatic
Song:   The World Is Yours
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[Intro: Nas]
"You want to get it, but you ain't gon' do nothing but sitting there
 You gotta get up, you know what I'm saying?
 And get yours cause it's yours, you know what I mean?"

Yo, I'm going Rambo if fam dough is moving pretty damn slow
The blam-blam turn the Trans-Am into a Lambo
Scram yo, my +Soul Caliber+ is like Namco
I dance on track, but these niggas is sambo
Get your shit split you nitwit, you pussy as a slit clit
When labels dick you, they make the shit fit
Commander skill invincible, like the Man of Steel
My killers got you gorillas slipping on banana peels
I'm extraordinary, I know your ex shorty
Extra with the head, but her sex ordinary
Check the technician, neck glisten
I'm on a catch-wreck mission to rock, you shocked like an electrician
Without correct vision you can't see me
I cock the Glock and shoot it through your TV like it's easy (say what?)
as if I seen you make a sudden move like a Ouija (say what?)
board, I can't record, making cheese looking cheesy
Fuck that shit

Whose world is this? "It's yours"
It's mine, it's mine, it's mine
Whose world is this? (The world is yours, the world is yours)
It's mine, it's mine, it's mine
Whose world is this? "It's yours"
It's mine, it's mine, it's mine
Whose world is this? (The world is yours, the world is yours)
It's mine, it's mine, it's mine
Whose world is this?

Yo, to my man J Dilla, God bless your life
To my nigga Big Proof, God bless your life
Yeah I'm the champion, signing both breasts on a trampy blonde
Eating shrimp scampi and I left your whole camp behind
Cause in the grand scheme I see your plan scheme
Off-brand team, full of jerk-offs minus the hand-cream
That's why I struck while the iron ran steam
with a maneuver smoother than the Iron Man theme song
We battled, you won, but you just wasn't in your dream long
I gleam strong like I'm using my high-beams wrong
Riding in the Rover, spit the poison that's hiding in the cobra
Take your spot and slide a nigga over
I'm murdering some serve, that's word
Thought I was a herb? Then you got your facts blurred, it's the ruler
who sparkles like a jeweler holding moulah
I know I seem cooler, but I'm cold-blooded, didn't mean to fool ya


Check it, I'm past nice, floss jewels, flash ice
Hit the grass twice and get higher than the gas price
Ass-slice, cock sucker, block ducker, money in the sock tucker
You watch the block, I watch the stocks fucker, major difference
Been deranged since the age of infants, I'm danger
Hit you from long-range at distance, it's stranger than fiction
when my affliction pierce through your thick skin
I'm spitting iller rhymes, rough as gorilla palms
You soft as chinchillas, your album's got a bunch of fillers
My mind's monumental, my pen is penetration
that produce words that bleed on the pad like menstruation
Yeah, my name holds weight, tipping scales
These clips and shells make dudes strips like Chippendales
You're all wack, should fall back like you slipped and fell
El's ripping well, delivery's like shipping mail, motherfucker


{*"It's yours" cut and scratched*}

{*Instrumental section*}

[Elzhi - "Represent" Intro]
Detroit city, represent, represent
If you love Hip Hop, represent, represent
When the mic is in my hand, I'm never hesitant
Off what I said will give me bread and lots of dead presidents
Lots of dead presidents
Lots of dead presidents