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Artist: Elzhi
Album:  Elmatic
Song:   Represent
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Yo, what up dough?
Y'all listening to Elmatic
Fire that weed up and put it in the air, yeah

Represent, represent {*4X*}

Straight up, shit is real, and any day could be your last when you pass
Your sand has dropped, now your hourglass in the flash
The corners is where they pitch rock to move into a rich block
Find somebody up in your crib, you gotta switch locks
Niggas pull triggers and ditch Glocks over things a bitch jock
It's sick as a Hitchcock flick
To be the big shot looks appealing, the life of crooks
Getting money off the books, fuck a shook civilian
We took the ill and then mistook the feeling, of climbing to the top
Staying when you don't know where the cops laying
Loading guns, pop, spraying
just to get the hands on your clock to stop swaying
Enough to cause both of your knees to drop, praying niggas stop playing
cause I was told to represent
by OGs claiming the D and repping Flint
Pushing old school whips on 20s that kept a tint

Represent, represent {*4X*}

Elzhi, Will Sessions, no doubt

Yo, they call me El', I'm not your legal type of fellow
Bong smoker, pipe inhaler, keep a strong poker-
-face, playing my cards right, fuck a case, cops will run in your place
for hard white, treat you wrong, poke ya
with the nightstick, I know these snitches telling, in fact
I'm smelling a rat, and the aroma's quite thick
They shut down your light, lick right quick
Charging you with shit that might stick
Thought you was Frank White slick, the joke's on
all you little niggas with locs on
counting your figures, downing liquors, getting your smokes on, representing
for the hood, putting your city on the map
Young girls throw they kitty and they titties on your lap
Catch you slipping while you tricking, stick the clip in
They get paid and leave you sicker than that AIDS symptom
They play a man like fools feel the heat from the tools
Empty out your wallet, take off your jewels, you know the rules

Represent, represent {*3X*}

No doubt, you see my stats is fat, this is what it's about
before that Ice Cube conflict with MC Ren
Around the time when 3rd Bass was dissed by X-Clan
I used to wake up every morning with my ear in a box
Bumping Rakim, Kane, Finesse, Freddie Foxxx
Then I bought the Nas CD, Biggie's and Pac's
Wu-Tang, Jay-Z, Gang Starr and The LOX
Nowadays I need the green and the cash just like the next man
Using my mind to make shit move just like an X-Man
I'm talking checks, grands, commons and zeroes
Growing up, my heroes bombed firearms at De Niros
Some of 'em went to jail, got life in a cell
Others got death, dwelling in hell, most of 'em fell
When you laying low and the police is hot on your trail
do you think of suicide or are you plotting for bail?
This is words of wisdom from El', try to rise up above
Keep an eye out for snakes, represent, one love

Yeah, yeah, this goes out to everybody around the world
All over, tryna get yours
Detroit, L.A., Atlanta, Chi-Town, New York
Toronto, Paris, London