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Artist: Elzhi
Album:  Elmatic
Song:   One Love
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We met up at the mall in the fall, something I'll never forget
She was the shit like when you sit and let it fall in the stall
Like it was made, I'm more taller than small, she was 5'3"
Looking like a woman with drive that had the live key
I pressed up, loving her thighs and how she dressed up
Bugging off her eyes and the size of her breast cup
Long story short, I got the numbers and the email
We talked about the past and she broke it down in detail
How it felt to not have a father as a female
Told me that was confidential, keep that on the D-L
Her convo was classic as Illmatic in '9-4
After that day since then I let our bond grow
That was like three years strong, it wasn't long
before I stripped the thong, gave her the schlong and wrote this song
and it reads, baby girl is everything I need
Rolling my weed, that's why I fuck her even when she bleed
Y'all don't feel me, but shorty even taught me how to slim down
Bailed me out of jail and got my car out the impound
Cooked me hot meals, helped me when I got bills
Keeps me buzzed and does all of the above, one what? One love

[Chorus: 2X]
One love, one love, one love, one love
One love, one love, one love, one love, love

Her childhood was rough, her father's out robbing for stuff
It never was enough, soon he was cuffed and later snuffed
She explains how she felt and how the cards was dealt
I can tell she was scarred, life was hard, no help
She was raised off of Dexter
where the pimps and prostitution's a little extra, men wanted to sex her
Back when she was six, she recalls porno flicks
Mother turning tricks and dicks just to get a fix
And though they got by, she can't remember a day
when her mother was not high and chasing some hot guy
Fast forward to middle school, she's fucking with a baller
on Pirellis, he bought her a celly so he can call her
She moved out at sixteen to live with this older guy
He was twenty-five, that nigga used to blow her high
Had a few exes, one name was Robbie
Was pushing a new Lexus by owning some duplexes
Only thing, he was too sexist
Baby girl was getting beat downs, body slams and suplexes
Was happy that she left cause that could have been death
He did a little more than just push and shove, one love

[Chorus: 2X]

She had very bad taste in men
Her last boyfriend who was chasing ends is facing ten
I know just why he stuck with her, he knew she was a down chick
Never do she lie, and never does she sound slick
Told me she was tired of them dudes and I was different
How I don't just lay around all day and get lifted
And she can see the future, I took her to museums
and taught her some Kama Sutra, next level
Way beyond my ex level, right down to the sex
Feeling like it's no latex, she give me breakfast in bed
After that, then it's excellent head
I got her open like a wound where the infection can spread
I can't lie, I feel the same, I thought I was a player
till I seen her kill the game the day she revealed her name
Can't another chick scoop me in a room full of groupies
She's the only one that I'll be thinking of, one love

[Chorus: 2X]