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Artist: Elzhi
Album:  Elmatic
Song:   Memory Lane
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Ah fuck that, word, word
We gon' do it a little something like this
Ah, keep it on and on and on and on and...
Knahmsayin? Elzhi, Will Sessions
Yo, what is it like? Hah

Yo, I'm tryna get to Memory Lane
but wonder should I take the train of thought or hop on a mental plane?
I don't stay far, but this a place you can't get to in your car
You travel standing still, it's bizarre, but there you are
like you never left, back in junior high with your report card
Tryna make a B out the letter F
Maybe that was me, around the time my brother was six
Before I got my first job and my mother was sick
It's like she never needed chemo, her hair looks long-flowing
Sometimes it feels wrong going
to be on every corner that you slung, hung with all your dead homies slung
But now they got breath in they lungs
Looking forever young before they was stressed
In here they only dress in nothing less than Guess
Timberland, Tommy Hil', Rockports and a Pelle
I reach down and grab a beeper when I'm searching for my celly
Damn, did I hear Bump N' Grind? That was the jam
at the reunion with the fam in front of the cam'
I'm tryna kick it with my first chick, I used mom's Infinity
This will be the twelfth time I lose my virginity
Shit was the truth
I left and I stopped up at the Hip Hop Shop, seen 'Tin, Dilla and Proof
Bugz, Bad Vibes and Grym, T3 when he was slim
Watching La Peace battle Eminem
Soon they handed me the mic to spit a rhyme and a verse
I was shocked to see the clock show the time in reverse
But I ain't wanna leave without hitting my first blunt
filled with chronic leaves, I choked up and couldn't breathe
That's the day I missed class smelling like twist grass
Miss Nash kicked me out because I'm not a kiss-ass
So I visited places where spots got shot on a daily basis
Where kids pull triggers with baby faces
Wait, I must be on the wrong side of the lane trail
where they rob memory banks and end up in the braincell
Where all my misery and pain dwell
I'm set to leave out my state of mind before the train bail
So now it's time to go
I threw the deuces up to Dilla, dapped up 'Tin and then I hugged my momma slow, yo

Yeah, it's the place you wanna be right?
You know, next time I think I'll take the mental plane
instead of the train of thought
Hopefully touch down, in a state in my mind
but I'll leave the mental baggage at the crib
Get back to that place, Memory Lane

"Now let me take a trip down memory lane" - Biz Markie
"Coming outa Detroit"
"Now let me take a trip down memory lane" - Biz Markie
"Coming outa Detroit"
"Now let me take a trip down memory lane" - Biz Markie
"Coming outa Detroit"
"Now let me take a trip down memory lane" - Biz Markie
"Coming outa Detroit city"

"Coming outa Detroit"
"Coming outa Detroit"
"Coming outa Detroit"
"Coming outa Detroit city"