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Artist: Elzhi
Album:  Elmatic
Song:   The Genesis
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Yeah, we're making realness
We doing this without a record deal, for real

Yo, it's Elmatic, shouts out to the homie Nas, son
Words from the wise one make both your eyes run
red with blood like Gogo Yubari
You barely throw jabs with your vo-ca-bu-la-ry
My punchlines knock niggas the fuck out
Still earn block figures, cop triggers and duck droughts
The flyest, and I ain't just being biased
In Hebrew Elzhi is, one with the messiah
You just a virus, a fucking disease that infects geese
Your techniques ain't nothing to sneeze at
I'm much sicker, I crack the seal on a dutch sticker
Split the blunt, roll it back up and lit the front
Then wrote a classic to bury you below your casket
Picture that like it's photographic
Fuck your chain with your logo crafted, you just a follower
Your mother shouldn't have had your ass, she should have swallowed ya
like bottles of pills to overdose, only to leave ya comatose
to wake up as one of Jehovah's ghosts
I've been mean since the age sixteen
From long range could rearrange if we exchange sixteens
As far as spitting bars, I'm on a level with the stars
Devil tryna tempt me with the bezels and the cars
But I'm too swift with the true gift
I knew if I put a line down you'd sniff
Blew spliffs in the park kid, guns spark
Niggas running from the narcs, and animals that bark
It's more crazy than a picture by Martin Scorsese
Instead of y'all starting wars, praise me, fuck y'all