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Artist: Elzhi
Album:  Elmatic *
Song:   Detroit State of Mind (Remix)
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* bonus track

Yeah, yeah
Rappers I monkey-flip 'em, kangaroo-box 'em
Out-fox 'em, Hannibal-Cannibal-Ox 'em
My lines hook you like fisherman that reel in they bait
from Great Lakes, Michigan, with fake bishops in the churches
be preaching for a purchase, not a purpose
Stealing out your wallets and your purses, quoting verses
Seen police raids, beef amongst clicks without the peace made
Niggas decease, tryna feast and keep they lease paid
So now it's a war, flowers for more funerals
Showers will pour from firepower a few hours before
It's just the same story, fortune and fame, glory
became my only aim, just to make a name for me
It's ruthless, to wear a bulletproof while your car's roofless
Get laid to waste coming out of your face like mucus
They pop and kill, might run up where you shopped and peel
for proper scrill' or the gwap, there's bills on top of bills
They may supply you if you popping pills
and get you higher than helicopter wheels, but it's hard to stop the ills
Deadbeats should be a pop for real, fuck her raw and
leave her in the streets to raise they seeds and duck the law and
The city, it schemes where money is power
I plot and roll a blunt before I run me a shower
My shots go off at the funniest hours
to put you right beneath the dirt, under these flowers

When these streets want something, they take that
Everybody's on something, looking for payback
They watching closely to see if you on time
Look and you will find in a Detroit state of mind
"Detroit", "state of mind" {*4X*}

Yeah, yeah
Be having dreams that I'm a gangster, sipping on bottles from your finest wine list
Coke stuck in my nose like a sinus infection
Slinging crack for the injection
Packing protection, pulling out on my own reflection
Got a connection of mob ties in your section
that paint the town like Republicans on election day
If AK bullets in your direction
spray and lay in your complexion, no resurrection
I'm getting paper with +checks+ like a correction
Whoever try to short-change me like a collection
plate will get the nickel plate with no great detection
As I project funds
Living my life like it possessed the essence of perfection
My bread is why probably your head on your neck spun
in a jacuzzi all soapy, police came
Let the piece flame, they gotta smoke me, then my alarm woke me

"Detroit", "state of mind" {*4X*}