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Artist: Elzhi
Album:  Elmatic
Song:   It Ain't Hard to Tell
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Yeah! It's Elmatic! Yo!

[Verse One]
Yo let me start you from the genesis far from where the finish is
No role models just empty bottles of Guiness's
Roaches in the ashtray, tossin gettin fast cash
The, ski mask way from those who never passed class
Born the side of poverty, probably they stacked granite
Crackheads never looked alive to me 
Robberies and liquor stores tricks and whores
Reality but sick as yours so I blow trees stronger than sycamores
Now wait, let me get back to my past, as I rewind mine
Before I got on the 1-9-9-9 
Mother gave birth, to this divine mind 
Born with his arm, leg, leg, arm, head like a Quran line
No paternity but as I'm thirty three I learned to be, strong
Pops moved along but he never returned to me
Thought I feel anger from what eternity I bottled my feelings inside
Where, pride is never swallowed followed my killers they ride
Pride off of Indo, bussin up cartridges to your window
Different from the one from my Nintendo
That lined should have been my intro, 'cause when I started rappin
Lookin up the younger with they art of trappin
Start cappin, fly wheels, thick chicks in high heels tellin me my skills is sick
I was only eight, slowly fate took it's turn, my world cripples urns
Money and drugs sell, It Ain't Hard To Tell

[Verse Two]
Check I went to Peck Elementary less than Jacodi
To graduate I had to take a semester with homies
Too busy writin none of my time went into my assignments
Dot of line as my rhyme gets maneuvers like the hymlick
Used to ditch class with pitch as
Picture me alot shorter my vocals pitch sounds like it switched fast
Young and rebellious hangin with failures who held us
The elders they see me saggin that's where my belts is
That's 'round the same time my mother was ill
Collect the mental scares waitin for the others to heal
No insorted vision everyone's beyond blind
Can't think about findin the meanin of life when tryin to define mine
I won't pretend it's cool, what's wet behind the ears 
So I had to jump in this pool graduate and finish school
Niggas was mad that I owned a diploma
They was just sleepin they should have slept 'til they dome's in a coma
I'm a beg shorty, who ran through the land of Berry Gordy
Where the buddha man may blew a grand, the K40 
That ain't rich at all but hell I wasn't born, with a silver spoon
Just a wooden one I put on my kitchen wall
Now I rock shows from Cali Grove down to Wichita
Feelin like I grew ten feet a couple inches tall
Just thinkin back, we was to doubt about my feud sunny
Now it seems too funny 'cause even new money is counted out
Nobody believe, only ones was J Barrber, JB Groove
Money investments everyday recoup
You thought I failed...
It Ain't Hard To Tell