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Artist: Eligh
Album:  Sidewaydaze
Song:   Makeshift Message
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[Verse 1]
Messages pattens of words 
Exposed to you
Massaging brains puting across 
A point of you
Let me explain the words of a master
Messenger misaha no more marsupials
They could be also mammals
Enamels peeling 
Of the ceiling
Need new paints to show
The many experience
Of one individual person
To explain a message
Fore mannered 
To fit a whole nation
should we disopation
Wating for reasonable explanations
The government will torment
Thier own fucking environment
Why lie and hide behind such
Trickie metaphors
I've decide to open mind 
Is better for your peers
And their pores 
Keep the clear
And informed when you perform
One receives an obligation
Sort of a weight on their shoulders
To speak messages
Truthful in a positive order
Not all eyes but some eyes
Just a handful eyes 
And ears are on me
Internet access
Press the words on me
A little further than i would get
On my own two feet
So whose to speak the bullshit
Over these makeshift tracks
Not I called out danned off
With a staff full of lightning
Still exciting writing scriptures
For the grand children
I stand a building
A skyscraper
Take the lives
For the wide and made 
Come later
Make my songs of lesser greater
Than contestants pagers
On MTV killing the mockingbird
Still talking words with no message

The movement of mouth
Motion makeshift
Find something to talk about 
Mental weight lift
Message find constant 
Message don't rhyme nonsense
The essence of learning
Turn your tape into a project      2x

[Verse 2]
Some folks just spit it out 
Really don't give a fuck
Just because it takes me a week
For a tapes creation
Dosent mean it lacks inserity
Or innovation
I guess it do sound different
Than the last and thats the point
Time to blast off this earth
Give birth to abstractions of a man
Dwelling in this hellafied junkyard
Leaving you punks
Scared and banned
>From this underground tape lash
Take my hand 
Talking about a wack fucker raps
Is far from this land
I spaned my laps 
To a grandfather of time
As far as i can 
But time waits for no man
Nothings gonna change
If me and you dont change
Somebodys gonna have two move up
Step up to the game
Te fiddler's being played
By the pigs 
and the wolf is hungry
Bacons fried
Puling the wolves over your eye
So we should reach
Deep down
Extract all the weeds
Dont be clowns
We can make fullusivly beats now

[Chorus 2x]

[Verse 3]
My final verse is this
To the crews out there
Who really speak
Dont dwell all the time
All weak emcees
Find a time to speak
And realitivly leave
Information to the hip-hop nation
Be patient 
Our time is now 
Along with style
Were the gracious host 
Of the new mellenium
These tasteless jokes
About big dicks and condiminiums
Wont amount to shit eccept
Maybee comfortable living
But path living is fast
Taking in these fast times
Fast rhymes Making dollars
With no messages of sour great
Steped on by us
Inelectually Stimulated folk
With no jokes

[Chorus 4x]