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Artist: Eligh f/ Lucky.iam, Paris Hayes
Album:  Miss Busdriver (Rachel)
Song:   Love Ov My Life
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When I give you this my condition is that you listen up real close
Don't let details fall through cracks or get taxed by folks who don't quote
My imagination governs the land you walk upon
The sand dunes and sunlight reflect of the mic I talk upon
I once had a vision of love and now I'm entirely enthralled
Girl don't try to be the one cause I'm involved
Sounds waves enslave my heart forever and a day
Separate me from that it's a suicidal serenade
Of notes entitled true and vital escapades
Territories so vast lightspeed couldn't cover my caravan
When I die my man burry me with my ASR
Sound proof my ash box and blast me off to the bluest star
I'm the truest hardcore music lover you've ever met
And I'll never let, anyone, anything, any substance take me out of that
Cause that, is the reason I'm here on this Earth
If you identify put your hands in the sky real high
I'll never be anyone else, real life, real talk
My level will never falter
Alters my soul, metamorphosize my culture
Inanimate objects come to life when I blast off in my saucer
Alien concept to those who live their life unconscious

[Chorus: repeat 3X]
Cause she's the love of my life, you feel that bass in her steps
She takes underground into sight plain as day
In the mind of a man who's in love in time it'll bring this world to its feet
Unite the youngsters on streets, and quench their hunger for peace

Heh, she was treated like a piece of ass
Cheated on repeatedly but I could never ever leave
A different chick on my sleeve, now pick the city, pick a state
Check the Facebook and try to relate
I need a break from the ball and chain syndrome
Did it right, did it wrong, did it all night to the morn
And saw the gift you want and let these color lit arms
I'd rather cut the Sidekick and write out the poem
I'm always gone, you probably want a better man
I'm seeing through you freaks that I meet like a sonogram
Drama in a hot cup of lava, Van Damme, heart broke
But the music so dope, I'ma hold her hand forever
And ever ever, EVER EVER?
She never let me down like a string for Giupetto
I'm her puppet but I let her have control
Cause the weather feels right
When I write, yeah


On a clear blue day watchin flicks on a Blu-Ray
Talkin on the bluetooth music is my true dame
Now I don't need no more lames, or Mary Janes
Or any other type of chick that mighta contained
My attention will remain on my babe
Maybe we can have a three but she way more special to me
She don't lie, so fond, be expressin the freak
The way she own hard drive so sexually
I'm on it!

My turn, I fell in love when I was young 
I spoke the words that got me sprung
Speakin hymns throughout the gyms and open recess with my friends
And now and then, I find myself distracted
Irrational action ensue and life will lose its traction
Don't back me in a corner girl cause I'm lashin
out like a bitch if you try to block me from my shit I'm dashing, I'm out
You'll always be number two and it's the sound that I pursue in me
It's too much for me to lose, we got this two way street to cruise
So don't cry

[Outro: Paris Hayes]
Oh don't cry, don't cry
Cause she's she's the love
She's the love
She she's the love
Of my life, ohhh
Love of my life
In love, in, in, in love
Cause she's the love of my life, yeah
Said she's the love of my life
My liiiiiiife