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Artist: El-P
Album:  I'll Sleep When You're Dead
Song:   Up All Night
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I'm from Brooklyn
Vandal bedrock
Scandal bedlam
Broken burnt up
New New York speak
New speak, true speak
Universe dirt, burnt a loose leaf
Bomb the casba
Bring the bleeders
Sanity fist fuck such allegiance
Born a trashman
Grew in garbage
Mutant hostage
Do the knowledge

I see you all regardless
I know what lies are like
I might have been born yesterday, sir
But I stayed up all night
I see you all regardless
I know this time's a fright
We may have been born yesterday, friends
But we stayed up all night, right?

I'm a young man
I want happy
We deserve that
Dream collapsing
I'm just one man
So damn angry
True confusion
Scared what truth is
Hide ya face
Say "hi, horseman"
Highest stakes
High again
Well, how 'bout that?
Well, how the fuck else can I react?


El, you're too preachy
You don't reach me
Right and wrong's hard
You say easy?
Look, they made me
I was normal
On some rap shit
Up rock back spin
Pause, collapse then
Back to windmill
Innocent thrill
So old fashioned
We're all deranged
I'm no different
I wish my hope still existed

Run the blades
Nexus six shit
Life span program final digits
You're my daddy
You'll protect me
I need guidance to live correctly
I can't fight you
Feed me ether
I'm your servant
You're the teacher (Yo, what the fuck, El?)
Oops, sorry
That's the implant talking for me