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Artist: El-P
Album:  I'll Sleep When You're Dead
Song:   Poisenville Kids No Wins/Reprise (This Must Be Our Time)
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This is the sound of what you don't know killing you
This is the sound of what you don't need still true
This is the sound of what you don't want still in you

[Verse 1]
When a live wire lights little metal rail right
When a marvel of engineering steered me clear in to the plight
Right before the bodegas open, after the peak of night before the paper's delivered
I sat on the corner and sparked a light
The same corner I perched when I zone dropped on the block first
At almost 5 o'clock watching for sun spots or store clerks
Alone spot, almost kinda like the zone was forgot
As if the grid had been reset and couldn't catch to the clock 
Or the stoop was stuck in the past a half minute and I sat in it
With a loosie Newpy drift out of my lips, taste; half minted

[Verse 2]
And I felt like a hundred bucks in the pocket of a gambling lush
at a wondershowzen flow with the droids of destructo luck
Fugitoid on the run again, the sky gleamed the maroonist coloring
Layered against the bluest tone from where the thunder lived
and here I was directly under it
Like some dejected little grey they told to stay and wait for the mothership
A cotton ball in a blizzard of mischief or brain prison
With a thought that rode on the bus and came for conjugal visits
and fucked it's way into my grey matter, the tattered territory
Stayed chattering and nagging till it demanded it yell it for me
And I tried to hold the thing back but the meditation was otherly
Fixated on what a friend said and relating it to my struggling
"Metropoloid void so damn smothering"
But we were children of poisenville and saw the seduction less repugnant
And reserved the right as the triggerman with the back up plan of self destruction
And I touched the type of chemicals that could pull me towards that function
It's the stuff I find hard for discussion
How the fuck do you explain your own self destruction and still remain trusted?

[Verse 3]
To answer the question, yes - the city wants you gone
and thats the only thing connecting us, but the connection is so strong
So how dare you assume that I'll sleep when you're dead
This is well outside the boundries of acceptable behaviour
I will not give you the go ahead and you will not be remembered fondly
I'm throwing down the gauntlet, fuck you this isn't your decision
and for all the holy fuck I give, your little spectacle is ended
But dont think for just one second you've honored your obligations to me
I'm serious look in my eyes, I don't find this funny 
or whatever you imagine poetry and justice feels like when you combine them
I am not going to allow this on my watch buddy, nobodies impressed
with your imagined sacrifice device or insurmountable regret
You are not uniquely pained and if you go we won't be sorry
and who the hell are you to put me through the banality of watching this
Cause many better men have gone for clearly better reasons and I
starkly must remind you that you have not even been trying
And that's the only thing remarkable about you, stop me if I'm lying

We are always outnumbered but we were never out militiad
There's no dignity for criminals, no ministry for the wicked
In this town if you make a sound you're the leper with the most fingers
The League of Extraordinary Nobodies, the other teams bringing in ringers
No faith in the majority, no hope for the little ones
Sally pulled a pistol out, billy got a blunderbous
So what the fuck are you feeling that makes your struggle so wonderous?
Enough to arrogantly pull what's left of the rug out from under us?
I think not, you're in the same barrel all us other crabs are caught
And if I have to live, you have to live; whether you like this shit or not

{Vocals in brackets by Charlyn Marshal}
Dedicated to the drowning, and the noble futility of the desperate friends forced to watch
(Never again)
And to my good friends who refused to allow it to happen to me
(Never again)
You know who you are, you know what I'm talking about
(Never again)
Believe me, man
I promise

(Never never never gonna get that way again) {X8}