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Artist: Run the Jewels f/ Prince Paul as Chest Rockwell
Album:  Run the Jewels
Song:   Twin Hype Back
Typed by:, Run the Jewels

[Intro: Chest Rockwell]
Now come over here, and let me give you a tongue kiss...
on yo' hot pocket

Me and Mike'll go Twin Hype and do a dance on your windpipes
Put your fuckin jazz hands back in your pants or get them shits sliced
Caught the ghost when I was yay high, so today I stay way high
Do not worry 'bout my habits, without sin I'd prol'ly hate life

[Killer Mike]
This is dope as that hard white you stuff in a crack pipe
A hit of this, a kid with Tourette's will chill out and act right
I'm fat but I dress nice, and bitches finesse Mike
They suck the dick and squeeze on my belly like bagpipes

I slap and I suck clits, I fuck in my church shoes
Humblest guy in the room and I am in the room too (get it?)
I'll bend you over on the roof while whistling Audio Two
They say that once a girl go Brooklyn no more soft dick'll do

[Killer Mike]
I'm so Rakim and Eric B, bitches check out +My Melody+
I might Slick Rick on a fella - FOUL! Catch me a felony
Hey, I might Shyne Po a hoe - POW! Catch me a case
Producto must have rolled this L because this blunt feel laced!

[Interlude: Chest Rockwell]
I must say you do look stunning
I mean, you're the kind of girl 
I can really see myself artificially inseminating
Oh I'm sorry, I'm being a little aggressive, right?
Can we start from the beginning? 
My name is Chest Rockwell, right? 
And I love to make LOVE... to yo' booty...hole
Bad Boy

This is born alone die alone, so my dialogue's dastardly
Life's a tragedy generator operating at max capacity
This is porno for piraters, to the crooks it is relaxing
I am foreign to that soft talk, you can tell it from my accent

[Killer Mike]
This is arrogant fat black, it is what it is
This that stingy with dick, bitch, not a fuck do I give
I'm no respecter of person, I'm no respecter of rules
I catch the prince of England slipping, he gon' run me the jewels
I could wake up brain dead tomorrow and my soliloquy still'll be
The illest there'll ever be cause I be what you'll never be
My pugnacious rhyme patterns prove pitbull in my pedigree
And dogs fight to the death, you say you better, you better be!

Not one shit given, El-P's chillin
Raised in a shack in the back of the village
Trained by the wolves in the woods to avenge 
on the men who elected themselves my killers
Mike's a villain, Nick Hooks chillin
We don't have a need to know your feelings
We don't believe in the same shit anyway 
Run the Jewels in not for your children

[Outro: Chest Rockwell]
How you feeling now sweetheart? A little more relaxed?
Maybe it's that half a molly I put in your Mountain Dew
Yeah, works like a charm 
Just chill out for a second, relax, RELAX
I got it under control, I got you a glass of Beefeater
I got a brand new deck of Uno cards
Oh yeah baby, the night's just getting started...
Okay, how 'bout I come over tonight 
and pick you up in my brand new Segway?
We can go over to Long John Silvers, get a fish platter
You can take me home and massage me with butter all on my neck
I love you!