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Artist: Run the Jewels f/ Until the Ribbon Breaks
Album:  Run the Jewels
Song:   Job Well Done
Typed by:, Run the Jewels

[Killer Mike]
Killer Mike and El-P, fuck boys know 
the combination ain't healthy, tell me if you smell the 
marijuana hangin off my breath, blowing smoke
and I'm coughing like I'm damn near death, if I died right 
now I would be so fresh to death
They would have to say, "That fat motherfucker coffin fresh
Goddamn fat bastard! Where that motherfucker casket?"
But naw baby you gon' get this here, vertical 
Every word Murderful! Surgical! Painful! Purposeful!
And I take it left off yo' FUCK LIST PERSONAL!!
(WOO!) WHOO! They done let that fuckin Mike out
It's like Tyson in the 80s, nigga snap and put yo' lights out
YEAAAH~! It's like Tyson in the 90s'
If I'm losin, take a bite out, I'm so motherfuckin grimy
So motherfuckin greedy, gritty, momma said 
she couldn't breast feed, cause I was bitin at the titty! 

[Chorus: Pete Lawrie Winfield]
So I think we've burned our bridges, but it's difficult to tell
I've been walking through the ashes, saying "Didn't we do well?"
So I think we'll have to pay for this, but I'm not afraid of hell
I've been walking through the ashes, saying "Didn't we do well?"

Killer Mike and El-P, fuck boys think about it
FUCK you gonna sell me? You don't know a thing about us
Women dosed with ayahuasca drum circle and sing about us
Dolphins prone to rape'll hear the tape and stop to think about it
Monks won't immolate themselves until the record hits the shelves
Yetis walk right out the woods to cop it without thinkin 'bout it
Workers at the sweatshop kill they boss to how the vets drop
Worker ants surround their queen and chew the bitch's head off
Drug dogs bark at the tour bus when it park
Priests take the cock out of their mouths to hum along when the chorus drop
At the least we are the most beef and broc' on your fuckin block
The bass make a whale off of the coast scream, "Y'all gotta stop!"
Used to be the new kid 'til I grew into that new shit
Emperors that hear the tunes admit that they are nudists
Move, we comin through 'em, we are ruthless
Mama said I wouldn't leave the womb without a Yankee and some new kicks


"Real bad guy shit!"
"Run the Jewels!"