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Artist: El-P
Album:  Fantastic Damage
Song:   Deep Space 9mm
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One two
you're behind the walls of new Roma, you wanna buy the farm (you wanna kill yourself)
But the land's not yours to own (but your life's not yours to take)
Who owns Police? Who holds fold green, sold sand to beach?
Blood beach
Dance with the land sharks clutchin' heat, ugly
monks hung halo teach
Hung by the math where the cable reach
A hundred and sixty-six channels lit
The train that animal shit
Where the mind's eye redefines
Where's God?
Buy car, Kick tires

Back in Eighty-Six I lived
for the four-course artistry
Metal worms took turns showin' off colors and shit
Like I invaded a mating dance ritual
Criminal now
Why the things we find beautiful undermine power?
El Product flash vet text, motherfuckers is like "Al, why haven't we lept yet?"
dithering sine wave twang for youth and brain management truth
Then vanish like "poof"
You can't touch the Krush Groove
I live on the lunch table
Touched fables
Ducked labels
cafeter one heat em live for the terrordome stables
Signed to Rawkus
I'd rather be mouth fucked by Nazis unconscious
Callin' all bomb threats
the Radio re-activator, caress
Under hellafied missle defense
Fenced in, better blame it on fame's shitty grin
Walk with a bag full of kittens
Take me to the river and throw yourself in
In about four seconds the ether will begin to leak

Who wanna hold hands with this sicko malnutritionist
Soaked in newspeak?
Dissolve into the syncopated fragments of vinyl
splashed on loose leaf
We can embrace on the business end of my face first
Joe vs. the Volcano suicide leap
Dance with the vinyl monster
Devil in a blue sky flyin' with clean conscience
Save the gesture
you can't save the children, we weren't worth the effort
I'm a Caveman
Your modern ways frighten and confuse me
I watch your spirit box with the blinking lights and think
Are those little people trapped in that box? (No, Caveman)
But I do know converted mic digital 8-bus Mackie Avalon compression
Combined with 8-step perfected
Dirty words paralyze crumbs and infect shit
Insofar as the ineffectual beg for the lectures
Development arrested
Trapped in the Cuckoo's nest
Looking for the nexus
If it's wild like that child fire 'em
infrared scope in the clutch of a tyrant
New World lullaby, Sirens
Stuck migrants, lust and blind violence
It's all bad timing
Getting murked on a Tram over Roosevelt Island
You think that's spacey?
Deep Space 9 millimeter, son, keep smiling

Existence on the fringes and such

my generation just sit like ducks

see the rubble glisten that what I trust

tell the historians I'm right here holding my nuts
Right here holdin' my nuts
Right here holdin' my nuts
Right here holdin' my nuts
Right here holdin' my nuts

Existence on the fringes and such

My generation make friends with slugs

Thank god for the drugs and drums

Tell history that I'll be right here hiding from guns

right here hidin' from guns
Right here hidin' from guns
Right here hidin' from guns

For the love of god, run