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Artist: Elijah Blake
Album:  Shadows & Diamonds
Song:   Everyday
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

No, no
I ain't ever trapped out the bando
But oh Lord, don't get me wrong
I know a couple niggas that do
I'm from a place where everybody knows your name
They say I gotta watch my attitude
When they see money, man they all start actin' strange
So fuck with the ones that fuck with you
They can never say I'm brand new

It's everyday, everyday
Everyday, everyday, everyday
Everyday, everyday
Everyday, everyday
I've been talkin' my shit, nigga that's regular
I've been lovin' 'em thick, life is spectacular
I spend like I'ma die rich, nigga I'm flexin', yeah
Everyday, that's everyday
That's everyday
That's everyday
That's everyday, everyday

I see all of these wanna-be hot R&B singers
I swear you all sound the same
They start from the bottom, so far from the motto
You niggas'll never be Drake
Shout out to OVO
Most of them prolly don't know me though
I stay in the cut, I don't fuck with no
Body but I D, that's a pun on No I.D
When nobody know my name
Runnin' for my dream wasn't hard to do
You break bread, I swear they all pull out a plate
Eat with the ones who starved with you
If I'm winnin' then my crew can't lose


I heard since you got money
You changed, you're actin' funny
That's why I gets on my lonely
You be lovin' when change is a hobby
Who do you dress when you ain't got nobody?