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Artist: Elijah Blake
Album:  Aqua Static (S)
Song:   Aqua Static
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Girl, let me under your blow
I, I be drowning in your
I, legs of the sea
Surrounding me
I, I can feel your tide
Still rising high
As it, o-over, flo-ows

You stay, on my mind
In my head, all of the time
Every day, every night
Even seeing you when I close my eyes

[Chorus x2]
Your love is automatic
Liquid coming at me
So deep I'm swimming in to your aqua static

Got me feelin' like oooh

Wash up the shore, like ocean floor
Electricity, flowing like a stream
Let me explore you, a little bit more
Let it o-over, flow


[Chorus x2]


Automatic [x14]