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Artist: Eightball f/ Goodie Mob
Album:  Lost
Song:   Backyard Mississippi
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Anytime can be the right time
Come on
We them boys out the backyard

[ Big Gipp ]
Better days brought better ways
Delays in flights time served
Brought a end to the questions askin me, Pee Wee
Movin weight on Kiwi, dirty air cleaner
In a daze like daydreamer
Half was gone before I got a home
Afterhours doin happy drink sippin
Hat tippin for extra change pimpin
Ain't nothin stoppin strippin
Gettin served like that hard hard
Hollerin at yo ass out the backyard

[ Khujo ]
It's a crisis in yo school systems
Delayed constructions, hotels built first
Claimin they best interest is in yo kids
Georgia has a history of mistreatin black folks
Snakes shouldn't be ( ? )
We been christened since Jesus left
Private corporations sketchy
Atlanta no longer the c-i-t-y
Too busy to hate
House niggas role is to keep the slaves down
17 percent of yo tax money supposed to go ed
But don't let cheese replace yo dignity
See, rich saltines buy crooks
Then make 'em superintendant insultin yo intelligence

Backyard Mississippi
Hey, Hey
Backyard Mississippi
Hey, Hey

[ Cee Lo ]
Oh yeah, I remember, when the, south was ablaze
When you couldn't even look a cracker in the face
Nor have I forgotten about the fields of cotton
Fire hose, lynchin, and the Klan itchin
( ? ) of my upbringing, feelin the whips ringin
Never blow my spirit, I'll never stop singin
The stars and bars that left scars engraved
I wanna break out of bein a slave
My soul is moltin
Do anybody feel like we're votin?
Come on, let's break the chains
Let's go, let's grow
I don't wanna be yo nigger no mo

[ T-Mo ]
( ? ) one deep
I got the missile launcher on the backseat
I don't creep, just protect my neck
From adversaries ready to bury
The scary foretellin about the war, I'm comin yellin
Excited, we come united in the midst
I'm turnin on brothers because I'm hurtin to realize
I'm workin ( ? ) The Serpent and the Rainbow
Of colors that smothers the colorless
Tearin down another fence you built to separate us
Investigate us, then betray us
'Bout this land, I don't understand
How you did it, as my ancestors witnessed
The tables turn, all for bad business
In my own backyard, Mississippi

Backyard Mississippi
Hey, Hey
Backyard Mississippi
Hey, Hey

[ Eightball ]
Mighty men, some be thinkin they invincible
Bend 'em over my knees, spank that ass like I'm the principle
Now you know my name, Strictly Business like EPMD
Mane, fuck the fame, I want the women and the currensy
South and North America, races with no love
Plantations turned to neighborhoods, slaves turned to thugs
The cats with all the drugs, children of the cotton picker
Pimp niggas and the big thick gold diggers
Soul deliverers, prayin God deliver us
From evil serpents, with the purpose to get rid of us
Throwin out the minimum, now I want the maximum
Motherfuck askin 'em, we robbin and jackin 'em
Baldhead, natty dread, braided or faded
We got separated, broke the chains and migrated
Mouth full of gold, on the porch lookin hard
Them country niggas stay in my backyard