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Artist: Eddie Haskill
Album:  A Beautiful Rhyme
Song:   Where I'm Really From
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Hey yo shit's kind of fucked up in my city let me hit ya
Rappers holdin little frames and couldn't capture the big picture
Thinking to get richer you gotta hate on the next man
One day they riding with ya and the next day they diss ya
And I'm all about constructive criticism 
But don't tell me my shit is fat to my face and behind my back say it isn't
You jealous mother fuckers want to hate so much 
But when your tape comes out you complain how it doesn't get played enough
That's lame as fuck and I'm just speaking in general
So if you get offended that's a good sign its time to clear your mental
And get on some proper shit, this microphone I'm rocking it
Finished underground, now masters second step to a doctorate
So in the future when its doctor Haskill 
I'll have to have my credentials plaqued for all you hating assholes
Who won't believe me so think of Common Sense 
And yo Take it Easy son take take it easy
And yo Gordo forget about the $20 you owe me
Left 7-1-6 cause you want to be Lo-Key
And there's no beef I'm just acting like Colagero
And you just aint getting the respect I would've gave you a little while ago
So I'mma fold suck it I don't even want a deal
Plus the deck is missing cards and its way to hard to fill 
And that's just how I feel forget the dollar bill
Because before you get that money son first you gotta be real

I'm from the north, the south, the east and the west
I know you heard "Where I'm From but now I'mma give you the rest
See when I made that song I was keeping it all pretty
But there's a lot more to life growing up in my city

I'm from the north, south, east and the west
I sang that song so much I almost lost my breath
I'll never turn my back even though it seems shitty
Cause I gotta represent one love to the queen city

And you ladies I think you drink a bit too much
Keep downing those shots of Crown that make you turn into sluts
You think you learning from us but we don't got sperm in our butts (SE)
Nor are our kneecaps stay brush burning with cuts 
You work your way through the group until the group throws you out
Then it's off to the next crowd where they pass you around
And at the same time you claim to be collective and selective
You not respected when your first objective is to be accepted
And you expect me to come and wine and dine you with class 
When I just saw 6 guys that were grinding your ass
Don't get me wrong we need you for those late booty calls
Half my friends wouldn't be at double digits without ya'll 
The more provocative you dress the more I'm locked on your breast
The more my cock wants to get out and have some boot knocking sex
But I keep my composure but I can't speak for all of man
That's why you got yourself into trouble when you agreed that you'd go home with him
And we know you're from Buffalo So I'm just trying to warn ya
Quit lying about modeling job in California
And as for me I need a girl right in her dome
so change your lifestyle cause in the end you might be alone


Things done changed since I wrote the last edition
We birthed Rick James last time his ass was missing
We got Drew Bledsoe to raise our pass position 
And fuck Peerless Price I knew he'd never last with bitching
I wish I would've know that Lackawanna housed 6 terrorists
Cause they could've called upon my crew to take care of this but
Its over and done I'm flowing for fun
I never made a dollar without in exchange owing one still
I'm the original deal but a bit enhanced
Never bankrupt like Adelphia not out hockey team is switching hands
From one Millionaire to another 
Its Uncle Eddie Haskill now thanks to both of my brothers
And there's no reason to risk search and seizure crossing the border
We got our own Casino now that's up north close to the water
It's Babysteps for Hip Hop The Cut for a Taper
Downtown to get rocked and Blue Cross for my paper

Running out of breath chorus:
I'm from the North, The South The East The West 
Forget it yo I'm probably wasting my breath