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Artist: Effect & Dang. f/ Celph Titled, MC Esoteric
Album:  You Don't Love Me and I Don't Care
Song:   Rap Terminators
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("Terminator, Terminator, Terminator, Terminator")

[MC Esoteric]
People here I am and here I am people
When I'm on this mic, I say what has to be said
I'm lethal, rap terminator, terminal
You don't even piss at a urinal
You don't even piss standin vertical
Talkin that man up, clam up
You could point a 9 at the crowd 
and never get the fans hands up
So whatchu talkin 'bout? Packin a +Cannon+?
C'mon man, you must carry bags for Nick or Dyan
And as sick as I am, I wouldn't wish this verse
on my most pirating fan, I get biz like
Milk Dee and Giz, put in work like John {?} wiz
Hide your motherfuckin kids
You're NERF soft, I know you sit at home and jerk off
to Rick Ross with his shirt off - that's disgusting!
First off, Abdullah tits, you don't wanna fool with this
You got a Steve Perry +Heart+ with that +Foolish+ shit

[Chorus: Milk Dee samples]
"Your rhymes are old, they're dusty" ("You wanna-")
"Point blank homeboy, you're rusty" ("You wanna rap-")
"Your rhymes are old, they're dusty" ("You wanna-")
"Point blank homeboy, you're rusty" ("You wanna rap-")
"Your rhymes are old, they're dusty" ("You wanna-")
"Point blank homeboy, you're rusty" ("You wanna rap-")
( "You wanna rap with me, I'm a rap aider
   You wanna rap against me, I'm a rap terminator!" <- Michee Mee)

Name's Effect, techy kid with an ill-ass flow
Drinks rum, favorite record: Dre's first solo
Kills rappers just to see the news at 1
Watch the family search, for they wack-ass son
Shit's done, be on and off the beat
How would it look if I acted like you fuckin with me?
Cause honestly, that shit wouldn't sit well with me
So eat shit like the centerpiece Human Centipede
Ask yourself what's beef, and you soon shall see
If you mother-FUCKERS don't spell Effect with an E
FUCKIN A! What's the deal with these kids these days?
So quick to grab the mic and get smashed in the face
Leave you toothless as sure as Eazy-E was +Ruthless+
You're like a GPS in Boston - fuckin useless
BE-YOTCHES got thirty seconds
$20 Sack Pyramid in this motherfucker, start guessin


[Celph Titled]
I'm a next rap legend to be
and when I make it up to heaven, I'll be chargin 2Pac for sixteens
I make music for moshpit participants
compared to err'body from Chino XL to Eminem (uhh~!)
A synonym for pure vagrants, paganism and hatred
Tax you gave us with high interest rate payments
(Yeah!) Rotten flesh the new Demigodz fragrance
Cologne or parfum, I came from a shark's womb (errrah!)
The rawest killa to blaze these mics, kid
Leave you with a Forest Whittaker lazy eyelid
And I did swear the bitch abuse you, inherit the shit (trick)
And it's foul like asparagus piss
I should let you suffer
When I confront you, you reply with a Max Headroom stutter
More guns pointed at you whole crew (whoa)
than Smack DVDs' on every TV at a Best Buy showroom


"You wanna rap-" "You-you-you wanna rap-" {4X}
"Terminator, Terminator, Terminator, Terminator"