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Artist: Edan f/ Skillz Ferguson
Album:  Sprain Your Tapedeck EP
Song:   Clinical Rhymes
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Bus it we gon run through it
I feel this
I love it
I like it
I got to have it
You got to stab it
We autographed it

[Skillz Ferguson]
ayo E

What's the deal troop
I'll up you on the scoop
Some brothers dropped a 12 on the low and got soup
Meanin gassed
See the past dripple trickle out of bounds
Clowns wanna spill the gatorade before the game is played
ayo E
What's the deal son?
The race is just begun
Them cats was on the run before they heard the starter gun
Disqualified, FRIED
It's a decible festival
Extraterrestial excellence
You should never underestimate the humble magnificent
Genie on the backhand side, we both been in it
Huggin on the fans at shows
It's that intimate
Enter the center to see the brothers rap intricate
Infinite instruments sent to accentuate
Take off the coat so the physical can ventilate
True fiends, for the routines
That entertain
Venemous demonstration on center stage
7th grade, listenin to Welcome to the Terrordome
There obtain proper inspiration to prepare a beat
Parakeet, rappers imitate the data verbatim
Paradox, make you wait to played it persuade them
Paragraphs, bleedin out the pen
Stabbin the page
Therapeutic terror student with a grammar grenade
Back in the days
You had the wax and a phrase
Now for cats to get paid
You got a DAT and a tape
And that's BULLSHIT!
Money didn't even wanna improvise
Said he wouldn't even kick a verse without his entourage
Common knowledge dictates, the dis makes your enterprise
Based in the haste that my greatness will minimize
Wait up
What's the matter?
Shatter the cadavre with the data that
Most don't host in they habitat
Fuck a Cadillac
I've been thinkin about the aftermath
I had to take it serious
To fascinate the curious
Capacitate the furious energies in my memory
Never be ashamed to take an L to the superiors
The internal burner elevate to the exterior
Make it invisible
But we shapin the physical
Let's take it from the spiritual
To manifest the miracle
Battle-fested syllables
For adolescent criminals
That can't assess the minimal
Aids a fickle lyrical landslide
E'll cut the record with his hands tied
Metaphysical missle to move mankind
The two man tribe with traditional scribes
Conditional ties will never divide
The mission in life
The visional rise
to survive
in critical times
Killin the cynical vibe with clincal rhymes
Pivotal minds that swivel and slide
To create
A super human unit only utilizing three eights
A mental potential torch
Torrential brainstorm
As soon as you assess the text
We change forms
Back into a physical state before we rock again
Talkin in a coded dialect
So try an guess
The true identity
Of intertwining entities
That never seem to dwindle
The energy rekindles
It's the ??
Rap's legendary mic handlers
Like Canada
At the top of your perimeter
Time travelers, with a fresh flex capacitor
Addin flavor
At a rate to sprain shit
The balanced state
As the Daddy Kane did
Juice Crew go
I gots to get pull
We gots to get heard
Surge while vets fold
Expose flaws
During the roll call
Furniture clothes out
Words decoratin your whole house
Open up the fridge
Fresh rhymes is stored there
Open up your lip
Next time it's warfare
One of the last, to bring the challenge to the mass
If the strategy is strictly for the cash
Then it's trash
And that's the bottom line, if my man got a rhyme
Then my man got the beat, keep the cipher complete
Cause it's the two man tribe
With traditional scribes
Conditional ties
will never divide
The mission in life
The visional rise
to survive
in critical times
Killin the cynical vibe with clincal rhymes
and I'm paradoxical
And I'm Donavexxical
And we the incredible
And we out like that