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Artist: Ed O.G. & Da Bulldogs f/ RZA, Scientifik
Album:  Love Comes & Goes / As Long As You Know (Remix) 12"
Song:   As Long As You Know (Poisonous Remix)
Typed by: Tha Masta

[Intro: Ed O.G. (RZA)]
Shits on son {Poisonous!}
Yeah (RZA, RZA)

[Hook 1 x4: Ed O.G.]
If you get paid like the rent, represent

[Ed O.G.]
Check that out as I peep that
Nigga beep that, mothafucka you can beep that
Where we keep that, comin where you sleep at
You repeat that, we deal with the fleet that
Bring more that Miami Heat in a gat

I be the insane with the thin game and pimp frame
You should maintain 'fore I blast ya mainframe
Leave ya in pain, everything sprained
I could biz 'em with the izm in the brain
Tall like Kane and Biz was all prism
Before I bust shots I prefer to bust jizm
Though I must admit I know the art of bustizm
I could hit the top with the chalk, just diss 'em
Dismiss 'em, piss 'em, no one to miss 'em
I've got styles and mad files, you can't list 'em
I glisten, man listen
I take the mic in my hand, break the hand, then diss 'em

[Hook 2: Scientifik]
I spent time like a bid to get rid
of all that booty shit that's in the mid
So now ya know kid

[Chorus x2: RZA]
As Long As You Know
As Long As You Know, As Long As You Know
As Long As You Know, kid

I come to the jam lifted, with my hat tilted to the side
Plus I shifted, throw a swift hit to ya eye
Scientifik, known to rip shit, bonafied
Yo Ed them niggas said we couldn't hit 'em on the fly

[Ed O.G.]
My mind's in another state like the stoneman
I could rip it up look I'm rippin from the dome and
possessed like the omen, make noise like groanin
Illin like Conan, rugged barbarian, hailin from the Berryan'
Get ya pen and ya best suit to get buried in
You'll never win, got to come again while we runnin in
Got ya done again, just for fun again
Still comin in, number 1 again, here we won again
So they're 'll be no fallin down like Michael Douglas
Check it how I plug this

[Hook 2]

[Chorus x2]

[Ed O.G. (RZA)]
My number's unlisted, cuz you missed it
Beat ya ass like a buscuit with chicken in the mix it (Know)
I get ya like niggas on a Friday, the number 1 gettin high day
'Round my way, on and on like a highway
In ya girl like a driverway, hit it sideways
For 9 days plus you bought the biz to plays

I see y'all niggas flippin with the clip and
In their ride just dippin, with the fat glock on the hip and
Trippin, rippin, the top on the knickin
Sickin, slickin, all around slickin
Lickin shots, 'vickin spots
From the pen to the mothafuckin pots
Givin knots, takin punks chains like slots
It's the ghetto and Mr Ed O. got ya hot

[Ed O.G.]
I hit ya with the flav, plus I'm mad high like a wave
You were brave, if you're that brave, dig ya grave
Ya behave or I'ma hit ya when I snap like a pitcher
Then I get ya, even when ya wit ya
Crew, I smoke a blunt, drink a brew
That's just what a nigga do, I had to cut a few
Niggas off, cuz they was soft
In between shit like floss, and now they lost
Only wanna come around for the video
Actin itty bitty though, just like a silly hoe
Really though, ya betta act like ya hear me though
Cuz I have cause to homegrown to hit ya though

Stalk shit, known to creep shit, where yo' deep shit?
Not the weak shit, peep shit as I freak shit
On some "On no ya betta not sleep" shit
I take ya out like the cleavers and beat shit
Bulldogs come crazy stored though
As long as ya punk ass mothafuckin know

[Chorus x6]

[Outro: (RZA)]
Poisonous! (As Long As You Know.. kid)