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Artist: Edo.G f/ Freestyle
Album:  Intelligence & Ignorance
Song:   Love I Need
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ CHORUS: Freestyle (2X) ]
They say it's all you need
For the love we breathe
Even though it's world renown
Ain't enough to go around

[ VERSE 1: Edo.G ]
Everybody takes a L, nobody's undefeated
Most mistreated, deleted, you can read it
Get heated, we get cheated, funds depleted
Beat it when you need it, high school uncompleted
Take two of these as needed
A huge shit sandwich, and we all gotta eat it
But I succeeded, conceited ( ? ) proceeded
And weeded the weak and stampeded
Breakfast and dinner, dude, you out for lunch
A fight don't start till somebody gets punched
I love life, others say she's a bitch
A goal without a plan is really just a wish
I love the air I breathe, for my fam I bleed
Take the lead to get you up to speed, agreed?
Uplift the poor, stop the greed
The simple things in life for the love I need

[ CHORUS: Freestyle (2X) ]

[ VERSE 2: Freestyle ]
For the love - you can have the hate
Go ahead and quote, it's my vote what I nominate
And he's to dominate
Put it on a scale, the hate's overweight
Fish to a whale
Read behind the braille, sight for the deaf
Cause they don't listen to the mission, and I'm out of breath
They movin to the left, cause they know we're right
Auto Grand Theft, thief in the night
You need to get your own cause I'm in the zone
Tryina school me while I'm drillin, buildin up my throne
And all you single daddies, stop playin games
There is a reason why they got your first and last name
Can't forget about war, it's a sin to me
Bombin for peace is like fuckin for virginity
Throwin up the trinity, then shoot 'em dead
WTF, shake my fuckin head

[ CHORUS: Freestyle (2X) ]