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Artist: Edo.G
Album:  Intelligence & Ignorance
Song:   Hold U
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ VERSE 1 ]
Wake up, put on a face that everything's great
And all fine, back in my mind I know it ain't
Bloodstains, pain and hurt
I catch the bus and train to work, I'm ashamed to work
But it's better than drug sellin
From a two-time felon, when life is gellin
Why start rebellin and bring dirt back
What I'm doin, I'ma work that and never revert back
To my old days, always
That lifestyle can bring a young dude old grace
Me and you and a child in court
When me and you should give the child support
Times get rougher, we get tougher
The baby gon' suffer, breaking up the family structure
Even though he claimin he love her
She barely in reach and he can barely touch her
It goes like that

I don't know you, so I don't owe you
And don't trust you far as I can throw you
People don't care what you go through
But sometimes you need someone to hold you
Hold you

[ VERSE 2 ]
Two jobs, two kids, strugglin
They got new cars, two cribs, bubblin
You jugglin, hustlin, they look down on you, rub it in
And do nothin, blame it on the government
Life's the true gift, new beef, new rift
Everybody die, few live
And keep a scour for people power
Stand still, rush hour, puff sour
Sad day is brightened by the happy hour
When the power of love overcome the love of power
Can't stand me, wanna blam me, just jam me
( ? )
Hood vigilante, up the ante
On every little orphan Annie, in every nook and cranny
It's uncanny, it's just 'Manny bein Manny'
Cause I'm the ugly child in the pretty family