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Artist: Edo.G
Album:  Intelligence & Ignorance
Song:   Change
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ Noel Gourdin ]
Not again, gimme a break
Lordy be, why's this happening?
Seems to be a common theme
As we climb the steps of dreams
Our need to satisfy
Deep desire, step through the fire
It's the name of the game
No pain, no gain
It's the claim to fame

[ Edo.G ]
As black people, success we admire
Desire the attire and believe every liar
We ain't owners, we consumers and buyers
Runnin on rims, not tires
In my neighborhood everything higher
For the full-plate Robin Hood, we the supplier
Times are dire, minds enquire
It's like blamin the fire department for the fire

[ Noel Gourdin ]
We all can achieve the American dream
Just ask the poorest, believe in justice
Things can always be worse than they seem
You got to strive for as long as you breathe, baby
For when things get hard, raise your hand to keep hope alive

[ Edo.G ]
Don't do a stupid move
Stop worry about who is who
Doin you, screwin you, subduin you through and through
Life is less than a tennis shoe
First it's me, then it's you
Look at the world from a better view
From my position and point of view
You can point at me, I can point at you
They take away more from the many and less from the few

[ Noel Gourdin ]
Can't much believe anything would be alright
Keep the gaze on your eyes, bee, on the sky
Know that all of the pain you feel will pass you by
Just rest assured, yeah, everything will be alright, alright
It'll be alright, be alright
Yes, it will, rest assured, yeah