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Artist: Edo.G
Album:  Intelligence & Ignorance
Song:   Can't Wait
Typed by: jostmatt at bluewin dot ch

[ CHORUS: Noel Gourdin ]
We are gifted with song
Blessed and lived it since we were born
Oh yeah
We are gifted
We are gifted with song
Can't be faded on the lyrical throne
We are gifted
Yes we are
We are gifted

[ VERSE 1: Edo.G ]
You scared, you got stage fright
Lookin old, you ain't aged right
I break rappers like egg whites
The rage right, the wage right
I take flights, never back down
Up front, you play the background
Man up, hands up
Y'all music like chairs, it need legs to stand up
I knock fronts, lock punch
Stop, dunce, listen twice, talk once
Raised as a Humboldt Raider
Played the gun role, but the drum roll was greater
If you wack, don't blame the haters
It's like a chef makin a bad meal and blamin the waiter
You either dumb or just not knowin
The key to jugglin isn't catchin, it's throwin

[ CHORUS: Noel Gourdin ]

[ VERSE 2: Edo.G ]
From the outhouse to the penthouse to the halfway house
Five stars to dive bars, they ass is out
A lie will unmask itself
Bein rich don't compare to wealth
Compare yourself, I'll defame your name, you are lame
Smash your frame, the money is funny, change is strange
Stop braggin, stop swaggin, I spit flames like ten dragons
Hardship, you spit for beauty pageants
You niggas can't image
Cause y'all are passengers ridin on the bandwagon
I got it, you hold it, we control it
Edo gon' drive it like he stole it
You tell bad lies, seein bullshit with bad eyes
We had ties, act wise
Don't be surprised that Goodfellas are now bad guys

[ CHORUS: Noel Gourdin ]