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Artist: Ebony Eyez f/ Trey Songz
Album:  7 Day Cycle
Song:   Heart of a Solider
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[Chorus: Trey Songz]
I've got the heart of a solider (I've got the heart of a solider)
I've got the soul of a tiger (I've got the soul of a tiger)
Whoever said I'm scared (whoever said I'm scared)
You'sa mufuckin' liar (you'sa mufuckin' liar)

I've got the eye of an eagle (I've got the eye of an eagle)
I've got the back of my people (I've got the back of my people)
I'll bust my shudder head (I'll bust their shudder heads)
Don't you ever say I'm scared (Dont you ever say I'm scared)
(Dont you ever say I'm scurred)

[Verse 1: Ebony Eyez]
Alot of mufuckers fall, when they back get pressed up against the wall
Not me homie
Wish a mufucker would, think he could come and take what's mines
Let him try and he gon' see
He gon get TUUUUUGED!
Leave him shriveled like a raisin with no hesitation
To late for the conversation, time wastin'
send them to their final destination
Don't give a FUUUUUCK!
Let the middle finger, linger, to them rat clowns
Ain't the type that will back down, bet you'll get slap down
You better check my mufuckin background
Name only get around like rumors, never let the haters consume us
Leave a bitch with a head full of tumors
if she ever thinkin' of steppin' up to us
I'll show and PROOOOVE!
I'll niolate a bitch that'll violate this here
Never seen me shed a tear, out of fear
bring chaos in a minute to a mufucker
I'm from the LOOOU!
And it's to late now dirrty, they don' got me started
And you can't abort it, cause a bitch like me is just to cold-hearted


[Verse 2: Ebony Eyez]
Now you can say what you wanna bout me
Cause the truth really don't, it only make me stronger
Think I give a fuck bout how you sayin' how I lookin' a video
Bitch, couldn't be wronger
I know you MAAAAD!
Better find your position and learn how to play it
Don't you hate it when a hater
hatin' on your situation cause they wack ass never made it
Bitch you and BAAAD!
You betta watch your mouth, 'for I watch your house and
Have a nigga come and rock your spouse and
Leave 'em quiet as a mouse when the lights go out and
Your days is OVEEER!
So don't make no plans, you don' had your chance and
I'm bout to lock this bitch down and throw away the key
'matter fact even snatch your fans and
I'm takin' OVEEER!
Comin' through with a vengence 'bout to get incents
Did I forget to mention alot of this tension cause your shit is comin' to an end and
Everytime that Ebony rhymes, every line, I make a nigga pause and drop their jaws
Start sweatin' like they havin' a heat stroke like they going through menopause
and love shittin' they draws


...don't you ever say I'm scurred..

Dont you ever say I'm scared (2x)