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Artist: The Earthquake Institute
Album:  Super B-Bop Pimpin'
Song:   Molotov Cocktail Waitress
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[Simon Sez] Damn
{*dialing phone*}
{*dial tone*}
[Female]     Hello?
[Simon Sez] Baby, this is Simon
             Wake up
[Female]     What?
[Simon Sez] This is Simon
             Yo, me and Spitball, we need a ride
[Female]     Wait, w-w-what?
[Simon Sez] We're stranded
             We're stranded on the Sunset Strip, we need a ride, what's up?
[Female]     Ah, trippin', what happened?

[Spitball]   She was a Molotov cocktail waitress, working nights
             At this joint, on the corner of pleasure and pain
             She was bad, she was REAL BAD
[Simon Sez] The kind of girl who lives her life in the fast lane

(Verse 1)
[Spitball]   She was a Molotov cocktail waitress, working nights
             At this joint, on the corner of pleasure and pain
             The first time I saw her, I almost froze
             She was perfect
[Simon Sez] Check the description, she was stickin'
             The wicked chocolate-skinned vixen
             A mix of fire and ice
             Nothin' nice
             Built just right, out of sight, her tight jeans packin'
             Dynamite in the rear
             Seams about to split
             Big lips, big tits
             Thighs that don't quit
             A perfect fit in low-cut hip huggers
[Spitball]   I wonder what she looks like in latex rubber
[Simon Sez] I wonder what she looks like underneath those clothes
             It ain't hard to tell, she's half exposed
             She's got perfect toes
             Diamond caps
             Ass like Stacey Dash, built to last
[Spitball]   Stepped to her like "Dang!"
             You're the baddest thing
             That I've ever seen
             Baby, can I get a sprung drink?
             She was cool, I was cool
             Everything was cool
             By the way, this is Simon
[Girl]       Yo, what's up?
[Simon Sez] What's up, girl?

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 2)
[Simon Sez] Ay yo, when's last call, girl?
[Girl]       2 A.M.
[Simon Sez] We'll be back around then, I know you down for the three-way
             Hook up
             We got the afterhour hooked up
             We got the kush and white lines to leave you shook up
[Spitball]   Pick you up, then went to a spot on Santa Monica
[Simon Sez] We spot further, people with insomnia
[Spitball]   The spot where
             Models and actors, mingle with rappers
             Strippers, gangsters, freaks and backpackers
[Simon Sez] Hollywood swinging in West Los Angeles
             Dancing with a cocktail waitress, getting scandalous
[Spitball]   I fumbled and pulled down her pants
[Simon Sez] I nibbled on her necklines
             No sweet-nothin's, I'm whipsering sex rhymes
[Spitball]   She took me to the bathroom, unzipped her Sasoons
[Simon Sez] We rubbed on her body while she moved to The Batunes
[Spitball]   She was loving it, we slid to the booth
             Sparked another lung, got loose
[Simon Sez] Sippin' juice and grey goose
             Things are gettin' blurry
[Spitball]   Ay yo, Simon, we better move this party in a hurry
[Simon Sez] Let's get a room on the Sunset Strip
             I know you down, honey dip, cause you'se a trick

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 3)
(Female in background)
[Spitball]   We got the room and two buckets of ice
             It was getting freakier, she was doing things
             That I've never seen a girl do
[Simon Sez] She was naked, spread eagle
             Beautiful and Barely Legal
             She was into
             Nipple clamps, sex toys and dank
             Taking on the bedroom champs, what a tramp
[Spitball]   I'm in love
[Simon Sez] I'm in love
[Spitball]   We all got a work out
             Next thing you know, she pulled her purse out, yellin'
[Female]     GET DOWN!
[Spitball]   She whipped out a .38 slump nose (Motherfuckers)
[Simon Sez] We're gettin' jacked by a bimbo
             The door flies open, it's another freak holdin' a gat
             A fat biker chick with tat's on her rack
[Spitball]   Like that?
[Simon Sez] Like that
             The bitch pistol-whipped me
[Spitball]   Then all but one stepped back, and hit me with the kick, G
[Simon Sez] It was crazy
[Spitball]   They beat us, then pound us
             They duct-taped our feet, made us tell 'em where the power is
[Simon Sez] What a trip
[Spitball]   What a trip
[Simon Sez] Gettin' punked by chicks
             They got the wallets, the weed and the keys to the whip
[Spitball]   We got took
[Simon Sez] We got took by a beautiful crook
             Blinded by sex, drugs and good looks

Repeat Chorus Twice