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Artist: Earthgang
Album:  Mirrorland
Song:   LaLa Challenge
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

Everybody Trapping
Everybody Hard
Everybody's Fucking
Everybody's broad
Nigga's slaying Bitches
All the Women bored
Paint your nails and
Stroke that pussy
Cat till I'm off tour

One in 10 is gangsta
Hardest in the yard
Two in 10 gone tango
Rest of y'all fraud
People of the Land
Won't you take my hand
Come inside these walls
100 round applause

Step out the car like the Bad Girl and pause the beat
Stop the world, give it a twirl when I move my feet make sacred ground
Cause you brown don't mean you down
Cause you white don't mean you right
Cause I'm lost don't mean you found

I got the sauce like Italians
Digital love don't mean shit to me bitch I can tell you a catfish
(No, no)
Came from the bottom
Trained how to spot em
Stain on my tongue
Came from the slaves
And the sharecroppers
Sang with vibrato
Hang with some thugs that be changing some diapers
Still don't take shit
Take aim at your collar
Yeah yeah yeah (ha)
One to the head
Now ya know he dead
My daily routine consist of making sure everybody fed
So I could never love a bitch that's giving everybody
Headphones on perpetual
Blockin all you perpetrators
Auntie taught yo third graders
Cousin prolly served yo neighbors
Nigga what you need?
Take you up like the ErrrLAvator

One time one time for ya baby mom's
Two times for the hand in the candy jar
Holy Ghost showed up in my favorite thong
Three times in the car for the way we are
Another white man scared another black man dead
Another rich man's war another red neck bled
I been writing this album damn way too long
When I drop my Shit pray it hit the toilet like