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Artist: Earmint f/ Anacron, MURS
Album:  Another Early Evening
Song:   I'm The
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[Intro: MURS]
Attention, all males. Meaning anyone who has a dick and two balls
Quit letting these bitches run game
They do not have golden Ipods between their legs
It's nothing new, you've seen pussy before
don't give that bitch the time of day, don't let her stress you down
Fuck that bitch!

I'm the type to ask a bitch, "What kind of draws you got on?"
And you know you dead wrong if you don't say a thong
Unless you got Care Bears, Powder Puff, Voltron
Look, hold on, wait, look
Don't get mad
I got the Kill Bill bootleg waitin' at the pad
I'm just tryin' not to hit you with that everyday drag
Look your ass aiight and your tits don't sag
You're not the finest girl here so you should be glad
That I've givin' conversation
Look, enough with the waitin' miss
It's the new millennium
Ain't nobody datin'
No time for concentratin'
Study long, study wrong
Plus your buddy over there?
Comin' onto me strong (I'll be right there)
I'm more serious than your late period
And if it ain't sex then I'm really not hearin' it
I know I look good, breath smellin' like spearmint
Fresh fade fresh shades
Plus the Pro Keds is furious

[Chorus: MURS] - x2
This could be your lucky night
If you play your cards right
So go ahead and say you will
I ain't tryin' to hear you might
I'm the type to ask a bitch, "What kind of draws you got on?"
And if you ain't feelin' that (bitch)
Then it's time to move on

You wanna be a cock tease but I got these
Jibs to get between your knock knees
Tryin' to be a lady, twat please
I spot these and make these harlot hot and fast like Schlotskys
Funny but serious
So I wanna experience
Those puffy lips livin' at your boobies are they real?
Don't get offended
You talkin' to the hottest nigga here 
And you just barely rate a notch below splendid
I'm never long winded
The only effort expended 
Was just enough to let you know an invitation is extended
Natural juices and proteins to be blended
Hit the juice bar and juice a star and hell shake the spot
Twats, cunts and puss I gots months to push
These babies catch a whiff of me 
And hot stuff will gush
Cause I smell hella good
Crotch hair shaved silly
Pootie Tangin' bitches like "Better shave my dilly"

[Chorus] - x2