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Artist: E-TRAIN
Album:  The Wrath of Roxane EP
Song:   Move like A Machine
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Intro: Million Dollar Man [from Original T.V. Series]
"Astronaut; A man barely alive; gentleman we can rebuild him.
We have the technology.  We have the capability to make the world's first bionic-man.
Better than he was before.  Better, stronger, and faster..."

Chorus: E-TRAIN

If you pop and lock when you dancing Ma
Then you should do it with me
	[this is not the robot]
Move your legs slow like an astronaut
Make your top move like a machine
	[this is not the robot]
This is the machine
This, This is the machine
Move your legs slow like an astronaut
Make your top move like a machine

Verse One: E-TRAIN

Y'all know who it is
Ultimate hip hopper
Getting it popping like legs on a chopper
Pearlescent Range and the leather is aqua
Train on the track man you never 'gon stop us
This the fat crack watch pappy drive
Weaving's like reading for Johnny Five
My breathing
The meanings philosophized
And I am oh so shallow I floss the ride
With snow cap Mueller
Awesome ice
I throw my paw out to toss the dice
The dubs are chrome and the kits are clean
With a blue Bentley fridge like Mr. Freeze
The game is mine I won't diss the king
But I might roll up just to kiss the queen
I pity the fool like Mr. T
Not Mr. Me Too
Just Mr. Me


Verse Two: E-TRAIN

Call the labels - say they sending in a ringer
Louisville swinger with Vince Vahun fever
The kid's gone either the sick song's Ether
In Chicago I go
So follow the leader
This the future bitch watch me suit your stitch
My flow drop robot we computer kids
Baby boomer sicker than a tumor is
Quadruple rock wash with my puma kicks
Oh, that's nasty
The Kodak classy
The team look cleaned
And the owner's laughing
I spit that hashish
Roll them fatties
He's Evizu
The machine is passing
Breeze in that CL dream the '08 shit
Porter bringing it round soon as it hits pavement
So if you got a problem for your sake save it
Cause I'm a machine
Here watch me start playin'

Y'all know I'm a machine so play with me
I been popping and locking now come wave with me
Whether or not you're getting paid come hang with me
Y'all hip?  Then hop on the Train with me
Rocking and jocking until every dame dizzy
Then dip on the strip and hit the flame-izzy
In and out of the burbs but I serve main cities
Say I'm not gangster when I got a gang with me?
Fold up
You know the feeling is unsaid
The truth of our youth is smooth and runs red
Passion in my lyrics like spirits and dungeons
If you start the beef I speak like Judge Dread
And move like a machine so move with me
I move like a machine so groove with me
I move like a machine be smooth with me
It's E-TRAIN don't be rude to me

Chorus (x2)