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Artist: E-TRAIN
Album:  The Wrath of Roxane EP
Song:   All Aboard
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Chorus: E-TRAIN

'All Aboard the TRAIN'
'All Aboard the TRAIN'

Verse One: E-TRAIN

I'm new school but I feel like Dre day shit
Plus my money 'gon multiple like Bebe's kids
I'm 'bout to better myself like AA trips
No steps I'm Audi in the A8 kits
And I sit with the clip, counting millions that I'm jock'n
And my finger tips' spilt, from the paper that I pocket
City Slicker Chain
with Billy Crystals on it
In the city with the Range
let the mommy sizzle on it
and the DJ is scratching it
My beats flame and my relay is passionate
I keep flame and speak slang or rapper's pen
I'm synonymous for being the antonym


Verse Two: E-TRAIN

I vacation in Bali, Mok got the volley
At club like molly but I roll in Ferrari
Hopping out with a sack like Santa I'm jolly
Sled sitting mean and my jeans are Cavalli
Moving in the club crowd parting like Dolly'
Lama in my hand has your girl saying golly
Kentucky Derb' boy she knew how to ride me
Plus I'm a stud I bust dollars on her dime piece
I be chilling where the cops can't find me
Road America quarter-mile in 9.3
Whip is 98 911 right behind me
Whale of a tail turn pale if you find me


Verse Three: E-TRAIN

Chi-Town's finest
I'm shaking the money tree
And balling wita Train's like facing the 23
My age is perfect
The Range is swerving
MJ jersey - city name in cursive
I came in serving but the game was purple
I push it like Kush until my faith re-circles
I been more realer than life, y'all can ask me
In this coliseum, E-TRAIN's the black sheep
I pack heat but I don't need a gat to hurt you
Pause a couple breaths of my raps will murk you
Louie on her ace there's a strap she works too
And the oooey keep me spaced like Captain Kirk do

Chorus (x2)