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Artist: Down Under Beats Crew
Album:  Under Raps
Song:   Power Reigns
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"Power reigns over us all..."
Flooded with their pains as nowadays we're all trapped in a storm as power reigns
"Power reigns over us all..."
Flooded with their pains as nowadays we're all trapped in a storm as power reigns

[Verse 1: Dialectrix with Joe New]
It's clear antagonism when the US have suspicions
Killing adversaries with imaginary ammunition
If you understand and listen
you realise there's turmoil on Iraqi soil - for its oil aquisition
That's what they want, at any risk can rid their obstacles
Bomb a nation's leader but they miss and hit its hospitals
An ex coke addict puts artillery in advance
And its militans kill the innocent and place the rest in prison camps
Then those captives cop abuse and bastardisation
on the indifference and the religion of where the afterlife takes us
With the bringing of casulties on the brink of calamity
People vote on Big Brother and they think it's reality
Don't give thought - who's expected to lose?
Think about the vote for the next 4 years what effects on the news
Cos that's real, we're about as real as what you find on television
So think about that before you go and tell opinons


[Verse 2: Joe New and Dialectrix]
Yeah now I know what has happened, I think how this comes about
Brains on bad power trips, raining magic mushroom clouds
See the damage, delete the picture, cut it out, numb it out
Buy number 1, wars numbered, what's the number now?
Funny how reporters reported it and maybe you never thought of it
But the collective concensus of this country supported it
It's unfortunate, no one gives a FUCK what this country does - when it lowers your mortgages
To lower the price of your home has made this nation just a protege'
Unconscious state of scenes that crime committed
And then copies it to show its aid, go invade 
A liberation of a nation just a hope parade
Realistically this country's never needed its allies
But to add another name to the blame goes down nice
The situation is we are America downsized
Adding our names to their blames don't sound right


"Dying over money and"
"Dying over money and
Dying over money and relying on religion
Relying on religion... relying on religion" --> Dead Prez {Police State}