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Artist: Devo Spice
Album:  Gnome Sane?
Song:   Written On Twitter
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Devo Spice]
Good morning Twitter man it's bitterly cold
and I'm way too early for this day to unfold
But I'm showered and fed, and now I'm ready to face the hours ahead
So now I'm off on this commute that I dread
An hour later I arrived at my job
Where I strive to do my best although I'm dressed like a slob
It only took 20 minutes to get all the work done
So now I'm tryin to look busy as I work on the FuMP
Lunch time is all mine, time for me to gorge
But I forgot my Hot Pocket so I run to the store
Eat quick and log on, so the wife and I can chat
Then off for a quick walk to get a little less fat
I give a cheer as the end of the day draws near
Cause the hours drag like a dog's butt around here
Had some techie issues, so I had to work late
But now I head home where my wife is probably watchin Jon & Kate
I wrote this song on Twitter
And every single word of it's true
I wrote this song on Twitter
Cause I had nothin better to do