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Artist: Devo Spice f/ YTCracker
Album:  Gnome Sane?
Song:   Nerds Rule
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Devo Spice]
It's a brand new age, so take a page from my playbook
Up up, down down, yeah you know the way - look
Nerdcore is rockin once more, takin over
See the score, ever more, we're near and far like Grover
Smart kids were picked on and ridiculed in school
because they thought we weren't cool, well guess what NOW WE RULE
With the internet I'm at my nerdy best and I just might
make a fortune overnight just by launchin a new site
All the pioneers over the years, the freaks geeks and nerds
who made it possible for all you people to play Angry Birds
Without them I bet there'd be no internet or video games
cell phones or internet porn and that'd be really lame
We're game changers, to you we may be stranger
Wonder why do we like girls dressed like Hermione Granger
She's beautiful, intelligent, and makes us turn the page
And besides, now she's of legal age - so SUCK IT MUGGLES~!

They said, that I would never be cool if I did
this digital nerd rappin shit, now everyone bites off the kid
I'll live forever
Me and Devo tucked in seats of leather
Started out much like any emcee with dreams
This rap game, invaded on your bitstreams
Thought I could steamroll everybody into liking me
Now I'm moving mics in spite of thee
Still trying to be a voice of a generation lost
Hit the NOS, beat the final boss and get tossed
I'm still the man 'til they replace me
Boy that makes me think (think!)
Do I got enough things to say, I just may
break bread the simple way
My own whaherity(?) appaently makin my fun
Hittin every duck with the butt of my light gun, yeah

[Devo Spice]
The world's a strange place, change of pace at a spinnin pace
Now Apple's a monopoly and Microsoft is givin chase
Today is +Revenge of the Nerds+, although I gotta say
it's not in a creepy hidden camera plan kind of way
Cause I respect a woman's intellect and watch them lead the way
Victoria Belmont, Dr. Kiki and Felicia Day
Nothing is sexier than an intelligent woman
Okay maybe a naked intelligent woman (yeah)
You might find it odd that I write songs about cons
But to a nerdy girl it's a turn on, so bring it on!
And when I hit upon a topic and I rock it how I planned
I have the public eating out of my hands, understand?
While you're tagging pictures of yourself from your vacation
Nerds'll do experiments in teleporation
Or workin on the space station with the knowledge they posess
and doin things to make your boring life suck a little less!