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Artist: Devo Spice
Album:  Gnome Sane?
Song:   Brain Food
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*sounds of a zombie moaning*}
Brains, brains! Rippin off heads for fun
Eatin up everyone, swallow and wallow in their screams and cries
Brains, brains! It's cute that you have a gun
Go 'head and try to run,wWe won't stop eating until everyone DIES

[Devo Spice]
Brains, brains! Another zombie on the prowl
Got a permanent scowl from my decomposed jowl
You should see my exposed bowel and varicose veins
My remains get me meals when the victim faints
There's no pain, at least not for me when I eat
and some days I prefer to give chase down the street
Although my life has expired I get whatever's desired
Maybe they can run faster but I never get tired
Night, dawn, or day yeah you know we ain't playin
{*gabled zombie noise*} Yeah, that's what I'm sayin
You may be surprised but yes I will eat your eyes
And I'll take 'em supersized with a soda and fries


[Devo Spice]
The cemetery's been very good to me
It should be, in fact it's like a hood to me~!
Zombies leave the mausoleum where you see 'em all stalkin
Rising from the crypt, so we call it Crypt-Walkin
Ain't no other zombie bad as me
or mad as me, or wears as much plaid as me
Since I've gotten the curse now I can shoot like a geyser
You say autopsy, I say appetizer
Brains are the main course, plain of course
You'll give me yours, or I'll just take 'em by force
I like 'em raw, the prettiest sight I ever saw
was when they showed me how to suck 'em out your ears through a straw!!


[Devo Spice]
Now rip off your arms and throw 'em in the air
And toss 'em all around like you really don't care
And if you feel like eatin' out tonight
Somebody say... BRAINS! (BRAINS!!) {brains, brains}
Aw yeah, now kick it MC Fleshy Fresh
(Eeaaatt brraaaainsss, likes killinnngg)
(Taaastes greaaat, lessss fiilliiinngg)
My bitches bring me riches by removing their britches
which is compensation for their complementary stitches
They'll take it anywhere or you can make a new hole
A little necrophilia is good for the soul
Let me remind, it's hard to find
a girl with a nice behind who likes you for your mind
She might bite your face, but she just wants a taste
Cause a brain is a terrible thing to waste
You'll never know how far we go
If you kill me I'll come back like Mario
So don't try, unless you wanna die, which is fine with me
Cause I could really use something to eat!!


Yeah boyyyy! More brains
Eat brains eat brains {*2X*}
Crazy insane, we eat brains