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Artist: Dujeous
Album:  City Limits
Song:   Just Once
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It's once in a lifetime
Chance for the right time stands still for no man
It's once in a blue moon
Plans for the heights soon
We about to be there fam
It's once in a while
That you hear a new style
That can make the people say goddamn
It's just once

Verse 1: Mojo

Violence closes eyelids
While I choose to widen the eyelids in the places where I live
July's give reasons for the works of fire
Shit'll be getting taxed like it's work for hire
Now why you grabbing for the live wire?
It's still sizzling
Champagne filling your glass
You're still fizzling out
You're dissonant
There's a lot of niggas get in the game that listen in
But they're playing pretend
I'm sensing it
They're sensitive
And something seems a little familiar about their sentences
Consensus is they sent to give the motivation
To the real niggas trying to live through frustration
Stations have to play this loud and often
Impatient listeners get amped and call in


Verse 2: Mas D

See I could still act irrational
Somewhere between bullshittin' and being bashful
When I'm an asshole with no cash flow
Don't worry I won't ask your permission
With one word you change your position
Bitch rappers, you're switch hittin'
I'm holdin the coals
As I stroll in the cold with no mittens
You're bold with your bitchin'
Niggas want to step free
I already let your bitch in
See some like it hot
And so I cool in the kitchen
You like a fool fishin
I'm a mule on a mission
Trying to high dive but you in the pool pissin
You hungry for subtraction (cool)
I'm cheffin' a dishin'


Verse 3: Rheturik

A simple singularity
You couldn't measure the heat in calories
A rarity for words 
To be heard with cleaner clarity
Hip-hop's decayed to the point that MCing's almost embarrassing
We don't settle
We mine for the metal to fill your cavity
And have it be worth
More than a skirt and plate of surf & turf
We unearth verse that shocks your spirit like a curse in church
It hurts the worst if you front on or turn your back to it
So don't do it
Drink your drinks, or count your stacks to it
Pound the keys on your Mac to it
Or smoke your sack to it
It's versatile
We conceal ill terms up in the rap fluid
No lack of prudence performing them tough stunts
Staying focused even when we puff blunts
You dumb dunce

Chorus (2x)