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Artist: Dungeon Masta
Album:  Wishful Thinking
Song:   Thangz Com Out
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Dungeon Masta]
Watch out for...
Watch out for...
Watch out for...

[Chorus 2X: Dungeon Masta]
I can make them thangs come out
You don't want to know what it's about
If you got beef, work it out
Welcome to the Beast Coast

[Dungeon Masta]
What the fuck is you looking for?
Can't a nigga get his hustle on, on tour?
Yes, I'm tight, cuz my stacks not yours
Don't make me have to pull out the Now, hit the floor
Don't make me have to, kick down your door
I know you had no cell, cuz I cut the phone cord
Bet my nina hold more shells than yours
Ma, you look good in those drawers, pause
Chill, boo, someone's coming
If they act up, I'm gunning, they gone
Shorty got the wood in her mouth
Crack a bitch, by hell, even her weave came out
Why must I go blackout like that
You got too much mouth, yo B., killed the yack
Got no need for speed, please, pap pap
Damn, it feels good, hoodrat, Dungeon sensei


[Dungeon Masta]
Do me a favor, son, mind your business
Hustle cold, keep your mind on your business
Stealth mode, leave behind no witness
I find those whose on my shit list
I suppose those who froze, missed this
Keep your clothes on, for now, my tiss-tiss
I attack to bring back the streets
And attack, never splat shit between the sheets
Would you tell me the type of shit that you in too
Count the stacks, you know how to get to you
Poppin' tags, leave a bank account crippled
Frederick G. Sanford without lipil
What's this? Not bizarre, vision from the myst
Cuz the bruise that the darkness is, get a flashlight
Don't let the weed smoke out
Before I rip you the fuck out

[Chorus 2X]

[Outro: Dungeon Masta]
It's all because of you
I'm feeling sad and blue
For all the bullshit you put me through
You fucking got away, fuck you
Bitch, hahaha, yeah, you like that one, huh
Dungeon Masta, yea, I got some shit for ya ass
That's how it's going down, nahImean, yeah, son, that's how it going down
Hard dick for ya ass, bitch, bow down to Whoo Hoo, bow down, to Whoo Hoo, bitch