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Artist: Dungeon Masta f/ Struxx Denali
Album:  Wishful Thinking
Song:   Tempisfugit
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Dungeon Masta]
All I see here, is another victim
Welcome to ER's, reality
So many people want to stop me from rising
Suprise, red dot bath, point of entry
Table shot figures, ear leaking, causing backwash
Nasty mutha -- I'm more deranged than ya
I told you, how dare you step into my chamber
Didn't ya parents tell you dummy, stay the hell away from strangers
My anger, is beyond heavens and mercutroids, even
Get my dough, do my show, bag a ho
No wordplay, plain and simple, it's OK
Cash rule makes my day, more easier
Even if you standing in my face, I'm not seeing ya
Starving, I smell pray, hate to be ya
Need slugs, I got goons that'll feed ya
Still locked in, one K is bound to bleed ya

[Chorus 2X: Struxx Denali (Dungeon Masta)]
I'm so like a rock star, oh how I'd love to be a rock star
Party hard everyday like a rock star
The rock star, with big mansions and hot cars
(In your griddle, with that reigning title) I be the rock star

[Struxx Denali]
It's lights, cameras & action, when cameras is flashing
I'm just a man with a passion, that's there when it happens
This is, hip hop at it's finest, take notes
And just sit back and rewind this, it's timeless
Eager as the meek that's makes sativa
Reefer when I need ya, never could leave, cuz it's easy to keep ya
Don't dance, Stuart Little, two step, shuffle back
When you get ya money, bitch you grab that duffle bag
Boy, I crank that Soulja Boy in his G.C.
Ride around the block, on the strip where the freaks be
To each be his own, my speech be in a zone
So please me alone, you can't see us on these micro
Phones, my tone struck 'em like lighting
Rip a nigga ear off, something like Tyson
Ignite bombs, I write songs, living my life long
Celebrity status, you can have it, just try for it

[Chorus 2X]

[Dungeon Masta]
I'm such a monster hustling in the streets
If the homey don't have my style, shall put
Beats on 'em, take green from 'em and throw steam on him
The messed up predicament now, wanna join 'em?
Hah, it feels good when I have alotta bones to break
It also feels good, when you counted lots of cake
I have powder mixed with baking soda, ready to bake
You might as well call Dungeon the great