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Artist: Dungeon Masta f/ Ern Dawg, Imperial Skillz Empera, Pharoah Snefu
Album:  Wishful Thinking
Song:   Lost Warriorz
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Ern Dawg]
How many bitches eyeing, yo they spying me
The next movement, Morbid Society
Never lying, die on the mountain by a lion
M-42, bio crying
Ten like Hawaiian, flying, meditation
Collecting iron, relying, body
Denying, chemically frying, suprising
People uprising, step to my face
And I'm slicing and dicing, the pause with the bleed of Zion
Bygone, what do you rely on?
Step to me, I tought you raps, with a flow that's vulture rap
Throwing ninja stars, Ern Dawg is across ya skat
With a cordless gat, where ya funking daughters at
That's what this photograph means with the borders smack
Like the black knight riding on the horse's back
Strongest few, I burn and grill, turn his spill
Crush you muthafuckas up like a sherman pill

[Dungeon Masta]
Dearly beloved, we gathered here today
To witness religion and lost they souls
They catch they bones, to the cave
Enter into the night, shatters a difference, covers me bodies
Stunt to all of us, pick a virgin to sacrifice, a Muslim fights the party
It's the birth of the red moon, doom is in the air
Tombstones is just in the graveyard
So is coffins, but the bodies are not there
Holy man with feelings, dissing the hate crimes & he dying
War is cooking fresh and they seem to be multiplying
As the rain covers reservoirs and dead pools
Enemies cannot see me, but, I see you
Tens roam for holy skulls, wires hang from polls like station heart
Rappers that's paper lamp casing you, with firey darts
Dungeon move with styles Allah, the departure forbidden literature
Infliction, graves, under slaves
Dwelly pastures, cover the stars, no religions
Instinct, that everybody cemented

*Imperial Skillz Empera verse in foreign language*

[Pharoah Snefu]
Yo, apocalyptic scriptures with thought span
See the corpse scars land, extended in the palm of my hand
Words from the cause of man, in cause of the stan
Welcome to God's land, the piano plays a pluck of hearts to bombs burst
Spit 'em all lost to God's turf
To the true meaning of Allah's worth, Snefu's dark verse
Some 'em got caught first, the inf' what I spit verse
Apocalyptic scripture divison, lurks in a gravel pit
Timewarp, light year, travel niggas stick to ya magnetic
In the heat of the light, turn ya to a fragment
I see ya'll citizens drafted, I'm metal ya fags is plastic
Let's settle it drastic, I'm in the trenches fighting out shots
Toxic grenade, the wars engage
So ill they took his face to the blade, so he couldn't see to fight another day
Living in this world, blown to bits, it's sick
Causing a prey, the seeds of the day
Pharoah Snefu, the great