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Artist: Dungeon Masta f/ Charles Brown
Album:  Wishful Thinking
Song:   Is It a Dream
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: Charles Brown]
I'm so lonely, my nigga went away from me...
Said you'd always be here for me, now your face I never see...
I can't believe, you're not here with me
I pray it was, but now your gone, I see, that's it's not a dream

[Dungeon Masta]
What you know about pain? What you know about stress?
What you know about Dungeon? Ma, take a guess
I will go all out for you, average, I'm not the rest
Sick of the mental shit, you're fucking with the best
When the eyes first saw ya, ma, I got impressed
With you verbal speech, you caught a nigga interest
From your feet, toes, legs, thighs and ya breasts
The more I feel for you, the more I got to press
You make a nigga wanna go and rob a treasure chest
You also make a nigga want to bury you
With your pretty smile, your ways and your style
Sometimes the vibe is strong, it can't always be wild
Maybe one day we can sit and plan about a child
Maybe one day I can see you walk down the aisle
Is it wrong for me to feel the way that I feel, for you? Mama


[Dungeon Masta]
What's up, ma, me and you got something to talk about
Without a doubt, sit ya ass down, so we can walk it out
You been walking dogs with a nigga for a minute
Can't wait for the day for me and Will to run up in it
Thought passion, I love your style, the satisfaction
Intensify moments to release attraction
Night full of action, sipping on Henny, time for relaxing
Staggering like I'm drunk off six packs, and you know who I be
Mr. Dungeon Masta, indeed
Do you mind if I bring you up to speed
Like Meth said you're all that I need
You patch a nigga up, if I bleed
And if I'm hungry, it's me, you feed
I'm not mad at you, I love the way you check a nigga's attitude
Even if I'm rude, or just, not in the mood, boo
I miss you, the way I used to hug and kiss you
Only when I'm with you, I don't miss the pistols
No time wasting, you don't know what you facing
Me and you, a good combination, uh-huh
You can be my Bonnie, and I can be your Clyde
We can ride on the highway of life, nothing to hide
Any one try to stop us, it's suicide
Better yet, let's take 'em out, straight homicide, baby
You know that your boy is crazy
Trust me, when it's time to get that money, we ain't lazy


[Hook: Charles Brown]
So lonely, baby... why'd you leave, me, baby?
I need your body, shorty, but you still ignore me
Come back to me, cuz I'm not for free
What you did for me, you're all that I need