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Artist: Dungeon Masta f/ G-Clef Da Mad Komposa
Album:  Wishful Thinking
Song:   Da Winta
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: Dungeon Masta]
Give me a bag of trees
So I can twist it up and just get high
Ya'll niggas in the city
Sware ya'll know what's mad, just walk on by
Don't even try to floss, my pockets on E
And you just might die
Give me a bag of trees
So I can twist it up and just get high

[Dungeon Masta]
Relax, dog, I bring pressure
You don't know the type of mental I got
I'm known to get niggas shot, so don't plot
I love to make the spot hot, believe that
Quiet one, stay on the prowl, remember that
I haven't been the same since my doggy died, so give me that
A year before that, the beef was on
Two years before that, the heat was on
While my dog was up north and gone in his universe
He lives on, every time I write a song or verse now
Pass that down, Dungeon's in town
And I'm here, to drive your hoes in the myst
Shorty bring the L's, I got equal, boo
Don't forget, bring my friends for my friends too and play peek-a-boo
Peace to Pocahontas and Pikachu, you niggas ain't saying nothing
So what you, gonna, do?
Ooh, I got a tech and I'll use it
Got a vest, nigga use it, better step 'fore I lose it
Get money, dog, I will not confuse them
Get it twisted, confuse it, bop ya head to this music, man
My niggas got flicks on ya, and my niggas got hits on ya
Man, yo, we live for the big picture
Pull out the calico and hit ya, hit ya, hit ya


[Dungeon Masta]
You sit in my face, I sense a snake in the garden
Pardon self, son, but I don't trust ya
Don't make me slap ya, pull out the hammer, cock it back, clap ya
Shorty, you don't have to keep ya panties on
Ma, are you legal? Drop down and get your eagle on
Girl, I might lace you or ice ya moms with pearls
Don't you remember, ma, I do to have a temper
It got worse when my nigga died on my birthday in Novemember
Our mentals POW, ready to bring trouble to
Any muthafucka who gets me started
You want to rumble boo, I flip you and bungle you
Tickle you, cum on you, after tongues all up in you
Now who's next on the menu? I should throw verbal slugs at who
Let's call this nigga Boo Boo, he caught me over there
I won't deny them, heckle and crucify them
Kidnap 'em and triumph for all the shit he did, uh
You know that I'm no fool, remember that?
Don't let me take you back to school, remember that?
Tie you up, drown you in the pool, remember that?
Taking packages from them fools, remember that?
Getting money from them stolen jewels, remember that?
Niggas don't believe in rules, remember that?
I hold grudges like tools, remember that?
Even robbed them faggot niggas too, remember that?


[OUtro: G-Clef Da Mad Komposa]
G-Clef, Dungeon Masta, 2007
Chamber, Chamber, come on, come on
Bring 'em out, lay 'em down, bring 'em out, lay 'em out
Bring 'em out now, ho!