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Artist: Dungeon Masta
Album:  Wishful Thinking
Song:   Born Again Thief
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Dungeon Masta]
Criminal intentions, not subjected
Chemical gasses got my brain infected, what the fuck is going on?
I live my life like it's the last days, don't do what I do
Do what I say, in my shoes, you might last a day or two
Let's take it back when Dungeon was a little young'n
Ripping and running, in the streets thugging, and I still do
Got no else to blame but myself in this situation
So I'mma stand to get myself up out this situation
That Ezekiel with burner, verbal penetrator, manipulator
Supreme master of the forbidden art, no one greater
I must control my madness throughout my ill behavior
Brooklyn administrator, 10th Chamber regulator, how you feel?
We on the map for making fake cats take dirt naps
And every other week we might push ya pelvis back
Hear the tokers tag, hear the booyakah clap
In fact, I might take a life or two

[Chorus: Dungeon Masta]
I apoligize for the shit that I done to you
The deceit and lies, give me the chance, I make it up to you
To my dying day, it's not okay
Until I make shit right, yo, I'm focused man
From the jewels, to the Range, and the chains I took
From the liquor, to the lovers, to the equipment, I took, man
I'm scared of myself, don't even trust myself
That's why I'm reaching out to help myself

[Dungeon Masta]
They say you couldn't handle the truth, look, ma, I heard that you mental
Two bottles short of a six pack, and an ass to match
I wanna take you on tour in my city
And dig ya back out all night, the aroma of the paint, it's "moody"
Much the only thing that I see changing is buildings
That's why we keep building, so we can teach the children
Our seeds must survive in the street
That's why parents like us, pack heat, descreate and it's "moody"
Hard sometimes, I wanna resort back to crimes, they always snitching
Won't stop bitching til ya ass do time
Ready to take your riches, so your ass do time
Even the grimey dudes, make you do time, if that's not "moody"
Look, my dude, I don't mean to be rude
But you getting on my fucking nerves, I'm not in the mood
You don't ever want to meet the bad guy, I got a real shitty attitude
And trust me, it's not "moody"
Worse, that's first, ya'll niggas, can I get learned
Ya'll niggas bursting cuz I'm finally facing niggas that burn
Ya'll niggas lucky that it's been a while since I spark that sherm
Ya'll niggas gonna learn, when the gun cock back, it sound "moody"

[Hook: Dungeon Masta]
There, is so, so much, that we saw...