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Artist: Dungeon Masta f/ 5 Foot Hyper Sniper, Buddha Monk, Mozart, Sleep Murda
Album:  Project Oblivion (Da Vintage)
Song:   Zu Can't Go 4 Dat
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Buddha Monk]
After year.... turn it up, turn it, turn this shit up
Turn it up, dan-dan-dan-dan-dan, dan-dan-dan-dan-dan

[Hook 2X: Buddha Monk]
You want my body, now you want my soul
Don't even think about it, say no more

[Chorus: Buddha Monk]
The Zu can't go for that, no, no, no can do
Yes, the Zu can't go for that, no, no, no can do
Yes, the Zu can't go for that, no, no, no can do
Yes, the Zu can't go for that, we can't go for that
We can't go for that, we can't go for that

[Buddha Monk]
Yo the nightmares of being gunned down for past souls
Shows no escape, I await before my fate
Take precaution, when walking these streets, I can't slumber
Knowing somewhere lies a bullet with my number
Paranoid, can't avoid, what my life is doomed
My mind strapped, monitored in I.C.U.
Flashes of herses, I'm running wild, hearing nurses
Caressing my mental state, with my old earth in
I can't assure, my baby boy is going to be fine
Yo, I'm stuck, how come I'm only speaking with my mind
The dream that occurs, no sight of my assassin
Mugged, blurry visions of a gat and a slug
Schemin' for cream, and the reality it seems
It has to be my mind, ducking down in the land of dreams


I come to fuck out, in peace like this, with weed like this
A mind full of thoughts, and a dick full of piss
A mouth full of shit to spit, I ain't thick like quick
Or crip, but I eat and drink quick
When I run up in your crib, my face tied with the baby bib
Shady kid, rip out your lady rib and hand it to you
Huh, nigga, who sicker? Bitch, nigga, how you figure you buzzin'
I'mma cut off your index finger, stop touching
Or I'mma spin around and start busting

[5 Foot Hyper Sniper]
The Zu, buck, buck, buck, I don't give a fuck
Hennessey, any what, leave a smack out the cut
Bitch, shut the fuck up, before I put the snot in it, what?
Don't make me blackout, cuz I'm a pimp, no doubt
Pull a mack out, pull a stack out, time for me, to pick up the dope
From the crack house, got some unfinished business, to pull a rat out
He snitched on my family, he in the fed house
I got a scope on him, red dot, head shot, head popped, then dropped


[Sleep Murda]
It was a late night on a Friday night, yo my gear was tight
Caught a late flight, you feeling it, all night
Off that Henny, and P.E.P.S.I.'s
On a something high, baby mother, wondering why
I ain't been home in a while, acting all wild
Zu style, something loud, screaming black and proud, watch out

[Dungeon Masta]
The brain shaker, demonic villain, soul taker
The pussy beater, cannibal, human flesh eater
The street sweeper, and search the wound, deeper & deeper
The gat keeper, master of the eternal sleeper
The head banger, giving ya'll cuss the middle finger
The drug slinger, original morbid funk ranger
Yo, this is a job, for dumper slumpers to come gat cha
The body snatcher, flippin' MC's with verbal slasher
The casanova, don't need to bat bitches with range rovers
I bend them over, have 'em screamin' for Jehova
The oversear, the unforgiven mic beater
The jaw breaker, infamous, lyrical creator

[Hook 2X]