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Artist: Dungeon Masta
Album:  Project Oblivion (Da Vintage)
Song:   Lurkin' Shadowz
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Dungeon Masta]
Check... this is a story, about two minds
Fighting full control of one body, in one universe
In one time frame... did you hear me?
Dungeon Masta vs. Thumper Son, this is a story about him

[Dungeon Masta]
Can you hit off the shit, flip a topic
Here comes the calm before the storm, but it's not tropic
Some will not handle the stress, they keep the family
Inside a place, I suggest you will not rest
Aiyo, I'm aggy, highly pissed off, cuz I don't like you
Fucking with me, you'd rather have Tyson come bite you
Chop ya lips off, and watch the blood drip from your veins
I'm insane, allergic reaction from the 'caine
Fuckin' Wednesday, by lickin' shots at fat Pugsly
Even Funkmaster Flex will say my shit is ugly
Morticians in a coffin, will crack open, ready to give me some brain
And Lurch got my back, yo, "You Rang?"
Break the fuck out, and did the back out of this candy
Maybe one day I will get to impregnate Brandy
I am the mortician commissioner of disaster
They're only could be, one Dungeon Masta
Hey, hold up, stop, wait for a minute
Let Thumper Son have a chance to get up in it
Recite a team neighborly, and will ask if they can really tempt
So I'mma sing plus get in ya team, one
Strictly blood drench, throw mad niggas out the air hatch
Best believe that Dungeon's two melons short from a cabbage patch
My only intention is to rob and steal
And if worst come worst, then I have to kill-kill
Serving fiends in the house of the hill
Don't give a fuck about police, but got my eye out for them still
But wig out locked for pack and heat
And I fought for, got her to sell the pussy in the street
Once Beenie bit Stimey in his ass, that shit was funny
And Butch end up missing cuz the faggot owe me money
I'm hungry for the taste of blood and horror
To tell you the truth, ain't no one here promised tomorrow
Got bless the child with his own
And may the lord have mercy on them bitches I'mma bone
Have you ever danced with the devil at the candle moon
Light, tonight's the night, we keep the wicked ones on sight
I got this feeling, that something is not right...
What reason you gonna tell me now?
You thinking and sniffing shit, what you plan and will be
Exactly what you get, want to be cool, ain't nobody's fool, why can't you behave?
The violence is the evil that you crave, you just much closer to the grave
You really wanna see angry? If I rob you, and let you live, you better thank me
Deception, overcome perception, please pull out your weapon
Take you the fuck out, in for pain'll get the stressing
No question, the basement is where the bodies are kept in
Inside my head is the only bed that I have slept in
No witness, got no business, in my area
Think you scared now, once you go, bald, dog, I dare ya
If you plan to fail, you will be planning for failure
Dungeon's do for the dough, how many times I have to tell ya
Keep my enemies close, so I can flip on 'em for boredom
And scorch them, before I let them go, I torch 'em
There are things in the past that's hard to explain
Can't ask you question, without you going insane
Shut ya mouth, none to let, knowing knowing with ya life
Free yaself, you must maintain, son, I don't condone
It's not about ripping heads off, and taking arms from your limbs
I'd rather be looking for karat tens
Aiyo, tick-tock, I love to watch a bunch of bodies drop
When will the sick shit in my mind stop?
It has no sequel, no one on this planet's my equal
Shorty is not the only one who see dead people
Louis Armstrong got strunged on, when he saw me
Seeing stars that are blue, let thyself be true
And you, and your so called people can't control me
And if you ain't down with Dungeon Masta, blow me
Don't care if this whole planet goes, up in flames
Back to the ashes, and dust from which you came...