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Artist: Dungeon Masta f/ Black
Album:  Project Oblivion (Da Vintage)
Song:   L.T.Z. (Da Promo)
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Dungeon Masta (Black)]
Yo, yo, son, ya'll can't... Zu, Zu, I'm saying though (Black, Black)
What is you talking about, I'm saying tell me (Let's go)
Yo, son (L.T.Z.) What the fuck you talking about son? (Yeah, 2-4 Group, BMB)
The L.T.Z. niggas? Is crazy son

[Chorus 2X: Dungeon Masta]
Money, cars, jewels, ice
These are the things that make niggas live nice
Before you step to a real nigga, think twice
Cuz he's plotting on your cake, to take more than a slice

Ya'll niggas talk alot, I be that nigga in the club
That'll wait til you walk out to the parking lot
Pop the trunk, give one to your knee
Pop shit, get you one in the other one
I don't care who you run with, I be that nigga
That run with, guns that dump quick
Out of town niggas know us, cuz we left
Holes in they cars, like Dunkin' Donuts
Ya'll don't win or rocking none, ya'll the type that pop shit
And when you knew that the cops is coming
And I ain't gotta pop you nothing, left it right across your face
With the blade, on a hot summer
You don't really want beef, you a scary nigga
Running informant, like the white bitches in the scary pictures
You can run and get ya click and crews
I don't care, leather gloves, two gats split this fool
I gotta shine, like I just came home
A lot of niggas burnt out, they just came home
Put a sword to niggas faces, when I first came home
Calling up they man, like they just came home
Still on the low, like I just came home
Still got a glow, like I just came home
Got a trey pound, rubber grip, it's a six shot
Another one, is just plain chrome

[Chorus 2X]

Who that, pretty cute nigga, Black be the name
Spit bars, spit flames, I love this shit
Love the games, spit clips, love to rip
Flood the whole hood with niggas smell like chocolate chips
See you in a daze, smoking on a chocolate stick
Get my head right, ya'll bitch niggas talking shit
Four simple words; Get off my dick
Mix some weed, got too many hoes and tricks
If I get hungry, during hold ups and sticks
And ya'll bitch niggas get pistol whipped
What-what-what, allowed to blast a heater
Cuz I'm try'nna let my dude fluck fuck like Master P does
Want the cop keys when you see alligators
Made my first gram pumping out of alley, playa
I know these streets, will leave you in the alley, playa
Up in the game, and you don't know how we play up
And niggas wanna know why we coughing
Or why we stay with a bitch with tits like Dolly Parton
Getting head, while ya'll stay tossing
Flatten your pockets, ya'll bit flossing
I get a bed broke, bitch, I will stick and leave
I like my birds hot, chicken with cheese
I'm in a tie, with a bad bitch, blowing on the stickiest trees
I ain't even fuck her yet, I make her sick on the knees
And ya'll the type that wife these bitches
I fuck, these mustards, don't like these bitches
Don't trust these bitches, in a city of snakes
I'll, fuck her good and shit in they face
I'm a selfish ass nigga, I let my throat sit in the safe

[Interlude: Dungeon Masta]
Uh, so it begins, yes it begins, what it do now?
Tell me that, better be something good now, come on