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Artist: Dungeon Masta f/ G.C.P., Lee-Major
Album:  Project Oblivion (Da Vintage)
Song:   In Da Geto
Typed by: Cno Evil

Knock, knock, who is it? He the damn villain
I'm thinkin' bout shorty, and she all up in my business
I'm chillin' with Kim, and she breaking me off
She know that I'm a boss, and the sex don't cost
I don't love 'em, a playa, I be picking my freak
Don't stop there, go down, please don't slow down
For real it's bout the dollars, baby I'm struggling
Shaking that thang all over the club
Giving hugs to thugs, lap dance to pimps
Never thought I'd look at the neighborhood wimp
Shake it, shake it, please don't break it
Girl I love it when you dancing butt naked
Bounce, baby, bounce, it's a G.C. thing
Spitting game now the whole world knows my damn name
Pen this, I got freak from the left to right
Even got dikes that be keeping it tight

Living in the ghetto, where shorty never let go
Oooh, sophisticated momma, try'nna save on me
Cuz living in the ghetto

Shorty try'nna rip my stash off, knowing I blast off
Try'nna send a brother, like, way up north
My cause, rose and falls, I beat it down, in a dirty drawers
Back in the land of the lost
Where we kick slang the girlies, in dirty drawers
Like it ain't nothing, to keep the party bumping
Giving my people, just what they want and

[Dungeon Masta]
Yo, shorty, I'm a throughbred, all the wack shit is dead
You haven't heard a thing I said?

Now stop, rewind, reload, lose all control
The better'll make you flip out you mold

[Dungeon Masta]
Smack you down with the double barrel
Make me, 'poke' you in your 'hontas', hit the bone marrow
My thoughts is crooked, broke my straight arrow

Like it ain't nothing, to keep the party bumping
Giving my people, just what they want and

[Dungeon Masta]
God damn, cops, back, man, now ain't that something?

Living in the ghetto, pumping on the street
Try'nna get this paper, so my kids could eat
Cuz I'm living in the ghetto

Stepped up in the club, it's a freaknette thing
I heard this the spot where all the freaks hang
G.C., you see me, in, V.I.P.
Assaulting this girl from a third degree
I knew her from way back, freak it like whoa
We creeped to the mo', kept it on the down low
Bump and grind like R. Kelly, with the kiss of death
Baby girl, I'mma gon' get that, all my homies wanna hit that
Forget that, I'm a pimp, ahead of my game
What's your name? Big V., who you with? G.C.
D.C. be the spot where I do my thang
Honeys on the block like running the train
Maintain to keep it locked like a jail with convicts
Number one trick in the hood got no picks
She got me feeling like a don on top of the hill
Damn, that's just how I feel

Living in the ghetto, got to go with the flow
What are you gonna do when you grow up? Sometimes we just don't know
Just living in the ghetto... there's one thing you had to know
When the po-po knockin' at ya door, keep a thug on his toes
Living in the ghetto... living in the ghetto...