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Artist: Dungeon Masta f/ I-Born
Album:  Project Oblivion (Da Vintage)
Song:   Hoodwatch
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: Dungeon Masta]
Do you see? (What I see) Do you hear? (What I hear)
Do you know? (What I know) Do you fear? (What I fear)
Do you pray? (Like I pray) Do you feel? (What I feel)
Do you spray? (Like I spray) Do you kill? (Like I kill)

[Dungeon Masta]
Labels disfunctional, son in the mental, let your soul run
Black sands cover me, and, moments of ivory
Still got that mentality, on point, on the low, let it be
Best friends can be your enemies, keep my mouth shut, just let it be
The ways of the evilness, got to let you know
Dungeon Masta is hist', reminesce over who, you, my god
Never come easy when it's hard, had my seed know the legacy
Did carry on the memories, my judgment be your penalty
Only in death, shall I be free


The wise, amongst the high, the one eyed king amongst the blind
No belonging on swine eaters, mine
The killa's crime not looking in his eyes
Friend, I begin again, like the lifer's last mile
The drunk blood's wine, I put N.Y. on the dotted line and sign
See the rainbows in the rocks eyes and smile
Get a block to the thoroughest juvenile doing 25 for the wrong place
Wrong time, black son shine, hold your first thought
Don't bust, N.G.E oh, we need touch, till dust, ah, Allah, hell nah, don


[Dungeon Masta]
Within the myst, winter heavy sin
Bust slugs in those with an evil grin
Anger is from deep within
Make me want to apply for busted chin
Loneliness what I feel, making you decipher fantasy from the real
What we satisfy til I see the blood spill
Forgot the steel, where's ya sharp hand skills?
Make the peasant, one of you, you feel me?
Won't dwell in misery, please don't stand so close to me
It's a strain to the brain when I feel pain
Long as two will live and agree, that my sun will live my legacy
Hid in my memory, only in death shall I be free

[Chorus 3X]

[Outro: Dungeon Masta]
All the evilness and deceitfulness in one man's heart
The mentality that grows cold with bitter anger
Desert sleeps, the storms in the streets
For I am watching you, fucking with me
Always will be streets of violence
U.K., C.U., Wu-Tang, catch a flow
Dungeon Masta, I'm out...