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Artist: Dungeon Masta
Album:  Project Oblivion (Da Vintage)
Song:   Got One
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Chorus: Dungeon Masta]
It feels good when we got one
Niggas act stupid when they got one
People stay away when we got one
Yo, we don't play when we got one

[Dungeon Masta]
Manipulate mental excite stimulate
When appropriate, feel threat and call jake
You'd rather see a nigga walking dogs upstate
In the mountains no brakes, can't wait to get away from you
So the God... watch for a red dot burial, parking lot
Want to see the spot hot? For a grave of white picket fence
Syndrome, lay you down with the chrome
The darkness is my home, eternally I roam
In the myst, mad quiet, regulate til I will start
I'm here for your displeasure, you done crossed the thin line
So I'm taking extra measures, prepare for departure
Microphone archer, big rhyme nigga
Loose cannon, so take it off the handle, bone breaker
Residential brain washer, sasquatcher
Throat slasher, dwell in the light of the nights
So beware avengers, might, my niggas on the left of me
Is louder than a vipe, bitches keep ya panties on
Unleash the strong, demented icon
I'm here to do me, and I'm gone
The strong shall survive, niggas live foul, alternate lifestyle
High profile, top speed, of course, no remorse, so self pity
Feelings living grimey in the myst, dark city
Well aware of the under, microchip niggas
Piracy invading figures, liquid see deliver
Mind body part shiver, trouble shoot tech
Die and nots to bring wet, puffin' Bobby, seeing Digital
Find the signs so critical, grab a fifth and smoke
Coming short miracles, kids eat your cereal
In the morning, material type, I ain't hearing you
Street fight, dead box, chess lead holders
Chip on the shoulder, park got colder
I ain't want lyrical boulder, not younger, older

[Chorus 2X]

[Dungeon Masta]
They want to raise the stakes?
Poisonous darts, arrowhead steel plate
Heavy metal armor, what goes up, will surely comes down
With the sound of Medina, U.K., coming atcha
Walk through the ave, talk to cats on the ave
With paper, do my thing, when I sling from the ave
Think I wont, blow your brains, away on the ave
Spill blood on the ave, make bids on the ave
My advice to kids, do not get fast on the ave
Live on the ave, you can die on the ave
These swords on the streets, is getting more fucked up
When the babies packing heat, will I race, face defeat?
Yo, I came and I saw, conquered adverseries
Spit tracks, chalk outline, body on the floor
Switch to stealth mode, before I explode
Empty the clip and reload, yo

[Chorus 2X]