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Artist: Dungeon Masta
Album:  Project Oblivion (Da Vintage)
Song:   Durange (Da Triumph Mix)
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Dungeon Masta]
Yo, shorty what's up, man?
I saw you walking with homey and all that, knowhatimean?
Listen, man, you'se a bad little muthafucka, man
Straight like that, shorty, listen, man
Holla at me, man, let me get at you or something, knowhatimean
I don't care if you with homey, let me, listen...
My plan is to be with you and not your man, you feel me? E.R.

[Chorus: Dungeon Masta]
I saw you, walking in the rain...
You were holding hands, but I
Wait to see you again, I saw you...

[Dungeon Masta]
Hello little girl, is your mother's home?
I wanna talk to her, can you please put her on the phone
What's up mami, is you doing ok?
I wished that things didn't have to turn out this way
I'm all depressed thinking about you every day
And when I come home this time, you know I'm gonna stay
I need you in my life, right now, and that's no game
No more doing state bids, because that shit is lame


[Dungeon Masta]
Why you had to leave, I thought that everything was fine
You didn't tell me what was really on your mind
I don't want you to go, I thought we'd be together for a while
Watch you smile as you walk down the isle
Have I done something wrong? You should of told me that I done something wrong
So I can do my best to make it right
I can't sleep at night, you got me worried cuz I need you
I keep paging you, you won't return my calls
You taught me how to love again, not only you my lover, you my friend
I don't know why this faithful union had to end
You done brought me so much joy, without you in my life, it's pain
The thought of losing you, is driving me insane

[Chorus 2X]