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Artist: Dungeon Masta f/ Grime, Popa Chief
Album:  Project Oblivion (Da Vintage)
Song:   Big Thangz
Typed by: Cno Evil

[Intro: Grime]
Yea, come on, uh-huh, yea
Big Grime, now, yeah, come on, Brook-lan, with the time now
Yeah, Zu...

[Chorus: Grime]
Big dough, big stash
Go and get them bitches with the big ass
Big cars, big wheels
Big niggas only make big deals
Big chains, big Range
Day one, nigga, shit ain't changed
Big Grime, Big Chief
Dungeon, niggas, want no beef

Cats wanna act up, like they supe', but
Niggas getting straight trimmed down like a crew cut
Like Vandross, come on, man, I'm 'too much'
Got me a bottle, two chicks, handin' two blunts
Big room, big bed, bitches did everything a nigga said
And oh, you didn't know, plus I'm watched by feds
On blocks, I stand, they know, I lock like dreads
Big gun fight, won't miss you
Big holes in a nigga bone tissue
I'm top dog, take a hot block and pop off
If I'm around ya way, I might stop off
Big cuts, trip the box off
Big dough, comes with the fucking drop off
Last nigga I had beef with, he knocked off
Fire to his ass, I spit flame like hot sauce


[Dungeon Masta]
Aiyo, ain't nothing funny, dog, aight, now where's my loot, duke
Don't make me have to slap you, stump you out with my Avi boots
Aiyo, I'm angry, duke, dude better thank me
Cuz if I have my earny, man, then I will have to shoot you
Niggas got away, but I heard that they back
Certain things I do to you, I wouldn't say on this track, man
Under you hat, man, I got a nasty habit, man
I'm known through the hood, as a gun-toting addict, man
A blood fanatic, man, who roll up on the front page
Put slugs through your premisce, tickle in your rib cage
If I don't have the nine, them I'mma use the twelve gauge
Ya'll niggas don't wanna feel my rage


[Popa Chief]
Where's my mind and my money at, the same place I'm at
I got a whole arsenal of old shit, get back
No matter where you go, I'mma get some kick back
Ya'll don't want no feedback...
Ma, you ride with me, you gon' catch a contact
I beat you up, fuck a battle rap
I love hood rats, that give good nap, all up in the habitat
I came and gone in sixty seconds flat, respect that
She said smoke sick, I said I holla back
Peel rocks and I never went back
My niggas bark and whoever did that
Ladies meow if you with that, ooh, what a pretty pussy cat
Fifty dollar fact, you still a face
Heineken baseball bats, by the case
Crystal poppin's a waste, be up, in the back of a Maybach
Dungeon and Grime, pulled up in the place, we here

[Chorus 2X]